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nittany168October 29, 2010

Thanks everyone for all the great information that I've found here. This is our first pool and are very unfamiliar with the pool building process. We have chosen Shasta in Phoenix Az for our PB. Our pool is going to be an adult play pool, so no diving or laps. Just for cooling off, chatting, and of course pool drinks.

As you can imagine this is very overwhelming for us and we so grateful for any suggestions that other more knowledgable pool people could give us. Here are some of our pool specs. Does anything look out of place???

1st width 16.42 2nd width 18.42

Length 25.33 Surface area 361

Perimeter 77 10830 gallons

1 5ft bench, 1 8ft bench

Q-max in floor cleaning system

1 skimmer

VS 3050 Pump

Modular media 600 microban filter stay rite

Pool automatic water leveler

Intellichlor (salt unit) 4PSC IC40

2 umbrella sleeves on deck, 1 on baja step

EZETECH 4P Single Body: 4PSC IC40 Wireless Operation

1 Pentair LED Light

QT4 Quick Touch Wireless Remote

30 sq ft Real Rock Water Fall

2 2x2 1 3x3 Deck boulders

280 sq ft Texture Deck

63 lf Cantilever Pool Deck

6x6 Water Line Tile (color yet to be determined)

Pebble Tec Caribbean Blue

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The IC-40 is too big. An IC-20 will be easier to control.


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Thanks, poolguynj. I'll ask our PB about that. We chose to not have a heater, but told our PB that we might want one down the road. Could that be why they chose the IC-40?

I'm still trying to figure out how to post photos to this board with flickr, hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

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Here are my design pics, and two artist renditions. We are getting so excited!! I have really enjoyed everyone's pics. I'll post our build pics in the photo gallery once we get started.

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A few questions for the builder. Good ol Shaftya.

I would stick with the IC-40 as warm as the water gets here it is a good thing to have a little extra when you need it.

Are the rocks and the waterfall going to be set into the water like their picture shows, or set ontop of the beam? Set in rock pockets always looks better.
What kind of rocks did they spec? Surface select are the best, pit run is usually alot cheaper.

Did they include an electric valve to work your waterfall?

Is the LED light a pool light or a spa light?

What size plumbing are they giving you?

Will it have a seperate maindrain and skimmer runs?

Question for you. What made you decide on this builder over others?

Looks like a nice clean slate to start off with.
Do you get much noise from Grand ave.

Yeah I know its a little creepy, but you have to love the internet.
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Hi there just-a-pb

I can only assume that you are one of the area pb's that I didn't choose.

We chose the surface select rocks, and they will be set in.

And yes that is a little creepy, but I've learned that there are a lot of people on the internet that do creepy things like that.

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Nope, I dont work in suprise.

You gave your last name, of which you are the only one that owns a home in the valley, not a big reach.

Keep pictures coming, always glad to help you keep Shaftya honest, and on their toes.

As for the rest of my questions, do they not matter.

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Nittany, I hope your pool building experience goes well. Scot gives great advice on this board.
Look forward to seeing your photos.

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Thanks memama_gayle and just-a-pb for your responses. Sorry it took soo long for me to respond. We are waiting for my daughter to have a baby to start our pool, so the build has all our attention.

Your right Scott my last name is not very common, my maiden name was Jones so I'm used to blending in

The LED light is in the pool.

What size plumbing should we have??

how many skimmers would be needed for our size pool?

I've seen alot of people mention to make sure that the skimmers are placed to take advantage of the winds. Looking at our plans, ours is in the middle of the pool on the north side.

What is the electric valve for on the waterfall, what's its purpose?

I still have to choose tile color, and interior color. We are going with pebbletec, and have it narrowed down to either Caribbean blue, tahoe blue, or tropical breeze.

We won't be posting any build pics for at least two weeks, since we are waiting to get started until our third grandchild and first granddaughter...Yay

All responses are welcome. This is a new experiance for us, and we really appreciate all the info that we've found here from others going through this.

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I might be talking out of turn, but I have to speak up here. One of the HUGE benefits of this forum is the PBs that take their valuable time to help all us novices with advice. I see just-a-pb's post as a caution to you to look into these items and address them with your PB to be sure you end up with a quality product. He obviously is familiar with their work and is concerned. Maybe instead of questions back at him, you should find the answers from your PB and post them for his further consideration. There are so many posts of people who end up in nightmare situations with their builds. You are being given a gift of someone with direct knowlege guiding you along. I wish I would have been that lucky! Just my thoughts....
Congrats on the coming granddaughter! My new granddaughter was the main reason for my recent build. Playing in the pool with the grandkids sounds wonderful.

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When I was considering Pebble Tec, I really loved the Tahoe Blue. I saw it on 3 pools in person and the color was gorgeous. I never saw any green, though some people say otherwise. I loved it for it's natural stone colors. However, we've decided on the Pebble Sheen for it's smaller pebbles/smoother feel.

Tile. Hmmm. So many choices so little time. I've narrowed mine down to 2. Both of which I've only seen in pictures on this site. Keep looking at pictures, go see some pools in person. You really can't judge what color your waterline will by by a 6x6 sample. Especially if you're going with a natural looking tile - so much color variation from tile to tile.

Good luck on your pool. Congratulations on the new grandbaby.

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We just put in two Pentair LED lights and the controller and love them. Our equipment list included the IC-40 and it seems to be working well. If you search garden oaks houston you can see the pictures. Good luck.

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We chose the PebbleTec Caribbean Blue and LOVE it! Congrats on the grandbaby...that's why I chose to build our pool...she loves the water!

Good luck on the pool build.

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