Open House Suggestions

raya7694March 25, 2010

We have our first open house Sunday. No showings in 3 weeks. Any suggestions for open house besides cleaning. I am hopeful someone shows up. It will be listed in the newspaper and with directional signs.


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You've got a very nice home. My only suggestion would be to take down all the family photos. As a prospective buyer, they would be distracting to me, if not a little unsettling/creepy.

I like to picture the house as mine already when I am considering buying, not see images of the family that already lives there. Weird, maybe, but I know I'm not alone.

Everything else looks good, decluttered, clean, and tastefully (and minimally) decorated.

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Are you living there now? I know decluttering is a good thing, but it seems a little bare which is perfectly understandable if you have already moved and just left some furniture and a few accessories there for showing.

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I would take that beautiful vase by the front door and put it on your bathroom countertop!! Maybe some fresh flowers for the dining room table and maybe a dish of green apples on the kitchen counter or lemons? Very nice home!!
Good Luck!

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obviously I am not in your area, so I cant comment about your home in specific. Many issues that I see with open houses (specially when held by owners) is that there is too much personalization. Sure, it may be great that you have a barbie collection of 1,200 dolls and they are housed in the guest room, but stage the home as others would want to see it. Try to maximize its assets (i.e. if you have a great deck, show it off), minimize the flaws (if there are no windows in the basement, make sure you have sufficient lighting so the lack of windows is not an issue), and help define the space (i.e. a small bedroom that could be perfect as an office would be more convincing if it was staged as such).

Here is a link that might be useful: Maui Home and Condo

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