What Color Roof - Pale Yellow Siding & Brick

WhichStonetoPickMay 24, 2012

You may recognize my house because I recently posted another question about which color cultured stone to replace the brick with. Well, not many people were fans of the stone mock-up pictures I posted, so I'm starting all over and will keep the brick and work with it.

Bottom line is I need a new roof! I'm having a hard time choosing a color to match my reddish-brown brick, pale yellow siding and dark brown trim. I'm willing to change the trim, gutters and door to a taupish color to make something work. It would be more costly to change the siding so I would prefer to keep it. The house may appear small in the photo, but I have a half dormer in the back, so the sides and back are much higher.

I did lot of mock-ups of my house using GAF and Owens Corning roof colors. So far I'm leaning towards Weathered Wood because it seems to have some yellow tones in it to pick up the siding and grout in the brick. But other times I see it as a greenish or grayish tone. I'm hoping for more light, warm brown with yellow accents. Not sure how this will work. Also, I noticed the Weathered Wood 30-year HD shingles are totally different than the Natural Shadow shingles. No sure which would be better if I go with this color.

I also like Owen Cornings Amber because it seems to have all the colors in the bricks of my steps and retaining wall along the driveway (taupe, tan, light gray). But I don't know if it will be too light for a roof. Here's a link: http://roofing.owenscorning.com/images/shingles/zoom/tdd-amber.jpg

What do you think and suggest would go with the siding and brick? I see houses with a very soft, warm brown color with yellowish tones, but I can't figure out what color it is. I think the brighter browns like Shakewood or Frosted Oak are too harsh looking.

I will try to post a better picture of my house that shows more, but for now here's an older picture. I'm anxious to start getting opinions.

This picture was taken in the Fall and has darker flowers. I will be adding brighter summer flowers. People on other forums keep saying my house looks like an old English Cottage or Tudor. But I don't see it like that. I added vertical siding to make it look more modern and I have a lot of unique decorative bushes like pom poms, spirals, etc. that aren't showing in the photo along the left side and in front of the window. The bush under the address is much nicer in person and was actually the most expensive at approximately $600!!

I can't figure out a way to save the mock-ups I did. It seems to be just saved on their site's project folder.

This is the only picture of could save which is very small. It's Barkwood (too dark?) with a lighter trim.

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Imo the pale yellow siding, the brick and the trim colors do not go with each other at all, and therefore there is no roof color that will go either. You don't need to change the siding, just paint it. Until the brick and siding complement each other your house will not present a pleasing, cohesive appearance. Jmo, of course----good luck---

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I chose the yellow siding because I thought it complimented the brick and picked up the grout color. Then I tied in the steps and wall along the driveway in yellowish toned bricks.

I thought about a darker taupe colored siding, but thought it would make the house look smaller. I also chose to do vertical siding in the front because standard siding looked horrible and busy. I also did a lot of mockups changing the siding color and nothing looks good. That's why I originally thought it was the brick color throwing everything off and I was going to do cultured stone and start everything from scratch, but nobody liked that so I'm really, really stuck!!!!

Maybe I need to show the whole picture of the property because I keep getting negative comments about the coloring, but I don't see it like that in person. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my house over the years, so I never thought anything was wrong until I started posting here. I welcome the comments to open my eyes to see what I'm not seeing though.

I do agree the trim needs to go lighter.

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So what color combination of siding, trim and roof would match my brick? I'm looking for suggestions to help my problem, not just general statements saying it doesn't match.


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Our house is pale yellow siding, white trim, kinda orangey brick. We went with GAF hickory and it looks great. The Weathered Wood had way too much gray in it and we were looking for a warmer brown. You may also want to look at shakewood, a lighter brown color.

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Hi, What a cute little house! No worries, sometimes the coloring doesn't come out so well on the monitor and will look completely different in person. I can see why you chose the palette that you have though, it's exactly what I thought before I read your response.

We have a 2 story colonial and the color of our siding is very similar to the color you have. We don't have any brick though, so we went with a Certainteed Roof in a medium toned charcoal color that has a touch of the brick color mixed in it. Without the brick the color looks great with the siding; our trim is all white as well.

I almost think if you went with a lighter color on the trim it would offer a little more pop to the whole elevation. I know you didn't ask for this next suggestion but I think it would also look cute to have something flanking the door on each side. Usually people have lighting but if that's not possible, maybe you can hang some baskets on hangers or something. I think the brick just needs something more to help it blend in with the rest of the front.

I love your landscape and how the gardens are layered with color. Very pretty.

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Posting a larger area view of the house, along with a larger picture would really help. Can we see a side view of the house too?

I know of two houses with the same yellow siding and they both have dark brown trim and roof. They are gorgeous. One is a mansion, the other is a two story farm house.

I'd paint the window frame on the left, along with the roof, the same color as the dark trim. The brown will go well with your brick.

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Thank you for your kind replies. I will try to take a new picture this weekend and show the whole area including the side.

I actually plan on adding a lighting fixture above the door. I was also considering bringing the roof out more to form a peak outlining the brick (I think it's called a gable roof). And I was hoping to extend the roof to make a little overhang to the left and right of the brick and then installing something like high-hat lights aiming down. What do you think about that?

Does this mockup picture look any better with a dark brown roof and lighter trim? I'm sorry the site where I created this wouldn't let me enlarge it without getting too blurry).

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I don't like the beige. Won't a gable swallow the front of the house and possibly make the house appear smaller? It's really too hard to help without resizing the picture and seeing different angles.

Seriously, with the amount of money you're wanting to put into the house, what about adding on a room instead?

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Im sorry, it must be my iPad. Your grout looks pink on my screen.

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Please check that iPad screen of yours, because it is definitely not pink grout. OMG!

Add a room???? Geeze, all I need is a roof and this is turning into a major project. I already have a half dormer on the back half of the house and have plenty of rooms. I didn't realize my house is as horrible as you're all making it out to be. All I asked for were color suggestions and now I'm changing this and changing that and getting ridiculous comments.

First I was told to change the dark brown trim, so I put beige and that's not good. What should I use, orange?

This is really getting silly. I can take constructive criticism, but it seems more like you're making a joke out of it.

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I'm not making a joke out of it at all. From the picture you showed us, your house looks so tiny. And after the majority said to keep the brick, you wanted to add other things instead, as if you have money to burn.

My thought was if you really wanted to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, why not add another room or enlarge your front room instead?

I think your house is quite beautiful and I couldn't understand why you would want to make so many expensive changes to the front once the stone idea was nixed.

I'm not the one who told you to change the dark brown trim either, so don't be upset with me if I say I don't like the beige. I said I'd make the bay window trim dark brown like the rest of your house.

If you would just show us larger pictures and other views we could help you more.

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I gave you the same advice on your other thread that I do here: paint the siding. The yellow color is too pale and too yellow for,your brick. Period.

You should probably go to an interior decorator who will make mock ups of the various color combinations for your home's exterior. Based on the limited photos and information you have provided, no one is going to be able to pick a roof color for you that will make you happy. I realize you consider that non-constructive criticism so I will sign off your threads now, wishing you good luck with your project.

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