Wall hanging 99% done...

lafonda_ranchMay 21, 2013

Here is a wall hanging that I gave my mother for her birthday last weekend. I want her to decide where she's going to hang it and I will attach some loops or sleeve. I also didn't get a chance to put a label on it. I upgraded my embroidery machine to the Brother Quattro 2 about a month ago and it has a cool sketch pad where I can actually stitch out my signature!! I was able to play with it a little on Sunday and it is sooooo cool! So, when she brings it back for the handing attachments, I will attach a label. I will post a picture of the label when I get it done.

The wall hanging is actually part of a set (4 I think), but the classes for these were too expensive for the supplies, and I couldn't make the second class. I took this class because it used lots of different stitches and threads (metallic, etc.) and it also did some bobbin work that I wanted to try.

Anyhow, here is the quilt. It was hard to get the details of the threads in a picture, but there is metallic threads in all of the applique and quilting. I also embellished it with some rhinestones for some extra bling!


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It's beautiful. As always, I'm in awe of your work and the attention to detail. The fabrics are gorgeous too - are they all batiks?


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You're a professional! Looks great, Robbi.


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That is gorgeous. I know she loves it. I love your colors and batiks.

Congratulations on your new toy!

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Thank you guys!! Yes, they are all batiks (which I love!). Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the fabrics. It was part of the kit, so everyone in the class got the same fabrics. But I love them, so it didn't matter :-)


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So pretty. Lucky Mom!

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Oooooo......Ahhhhhhh! I love this, especially the border fabrics. I don't think I've ever done three borders with the first and third the same fabric. I love the look!


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It's beautiful!
I like the way you did the border.


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It's beautiful! I love applique with flowers and birds.

Best to you,

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I am sure your mom loves it. You did a great job.

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Lovely! Congrats on the upgrade machine! I am in awe of embroidery machines - wish I could justify getting one. You are smart to buy one now while your kids are young.

I hate it when the shop "makes" you buy their kit and/or all the supplies from them in order to take the workshop & the price is full retail. It should be an option.

Your work is so precise~your quilts are going to be spectacular when you combine your exquisite threads and embroidery.

I'm sure your Mother loved her gift.

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Great job. I am sure you Mom really appreciates how lovely it is. It turned out beautiful. TFS

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Just awesome Robbi...your work is amazing and lovely!

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Beautiful!!! I prefer to choose my own fabrics - but I think these are the ones I would choose lol!!!!

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it's lovely and I love the material

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