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hrunnergirlOctober 21, 2010


We are planning a pool and it looks to be similiar to yours. It is vinyl 20x40 with the same liner and blue granite steps. I am wondering if you have been happy with the depth of your pool? We have 3 kids 14, 11 and 8. I am worried I might regret not putting in a deep end. I am somewhat planning pool around volleyball and basketball with slide in 6 foot end. We are thinking of doing 28 feet of 3 1/2. (Is that too shallow? I like to be covered! ha) The pool would then transition to 6 foot.

Has 10 feet on each side of your net been big enough? Would you do anything differently? It seems many people on the Forum recommend a 8 foot deep end and think 6 foot might be dangerous. I would so love to hear feedback you have regarding your pool depth and volleyball.


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Our 35kgal 15 x 40 ft has a shallow end sloping for about 5 yards from 3 ft with three steps at the curved end to 4-1/2 ft, no apparent problem with visiting toddlers, with other end 8 ft, why not

Even at 8 ft always advise older kids to hold arms ahead when diving who may otherwise bang head on transition. I say this advisedly, once when a youngster having experimented in the hope water resistance would temper my descent but which proved not to be the case

Incidentally if it's not too late orient pool in such a direction that the prevailing wind carries flotsam toward skimmer port

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Owing to my inability to locate the Edit Link

kids to hold arms ahead =
kids to maintain "handstand" posture

Even at OneLook Reverse Dictionary as an erstwhile writer in search of the right word I couldn't find a term for this orientation of the torso*&loc=revfp2&clue=arms+diving+position

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So sorry I didn't see your message until now (I was looking for one of my posts and did a search, and your message popped up). Not sure where you are in the planning of your pool, but yes, we are extremely happy with our choice. Our daughter is 12, and we've had her friends visit, and they actually stayed in the pool for over three hours playing volleyball. I believe this kept them more busy, and for a longer period of time than a diving board would have. This being said, I also have to admit that I enjoyed diving into our 6 foot end last September, just before we closed the pool. Obviously, I wouldn't advise a large number of kids to do this, but I had a great time diving from the decking.

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