shallow depth fitted sheets? (reasonably priced)

jjamMay 20, 2012

Anyone know of sheets made for what used to be considered a "normal" depth mattress? Our beds at our beach house have old style mattresses, and even though we have added latex toppers, they still measure 10 inches and all of the sheets I have tried are way too big. I know I could use the sheet garters but was wondering if any of you know of some shallower depth sheets that are reasonably priced. I have looked online, and they seem to command a premium price. Oh, and I was also wondering if any of you know of any that don't wrinkle too terribly much? I don't even own an ironing board at the beach!!! Thanks.

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I don't know the answer on this but I was just lamenting the same problem yesterday at our weekend lake place. We have regular mattresses too and I just bought new sheets that have about twice as much fabric as I need. I thought if I bought relatively inexpensive sheets they would have skimped on the fabric but not a chance.

I love my old, old sheets. They weren't expensive, they're soft, don't wrinkle, don't pill and don't have excessive fabric. Unfortunately some have just worn out.

Hope someone has an answer on this.

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I have a memory foam mattress that is not as thick as the newer mattresses. I just bought the "clothesline crisp" white sheets from Vermont Country Store. They were very reasonable in price and have a 15" pocket, which is much less than most of the other bedding sets I found. THey fit great and feel wonderful! They were only $79. They also have a 9" pocket at the same low prices, I will link it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: slender sheets

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Thanks nanny, I just checked out the sheets from Vermont Country Store. They look very nice. Do you find that they need ironing? Some cotton sheets seem to come out of the dryer looking so rumpled that even though I HATE to iron I find myself having to at least touch them up a bit. Others seem to do just fine, and I haven't figured out why.

I found some Laura Ashley sheets on Overstock that have a 12" pocket, and I have ordered them. I have a few beds that need these shallower sheets so I'll probably be checking out several. I'll be interested to hear how the Vermont Country Store sheets come out of the dryer.


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Ikea sells thinner mattresses and sheets to fit, ranging from $25-35. Looks like the sheets are just available in-store, though, and I haven't personally tried them to know how they wear.

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Thank you for your interest in Vermont Country Store's Shallow Depth Sheets. I wanted to let you know (from experience) that these sheets come out of the dryer nice and crisp. I have owned them for a little over a year and you wouldn't be able to tell that they had been used . I have never needed to iron them, just wash and dry, and remake the bed. Plus we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed forever on all of our products. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-564-4623. Thank you, Vermont Country Store Customer Service.

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Walmart's jersey sheet sets are perfect for cottage size beds, I have them on all the beds in the lake house. They're comfy like a tee shirt and easy peasey to maintain and only $25.00 a set. The hug the mattress beautifully, ours are 10 inches also. They last for years.

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I will back up what Michelle said. I just put mine in the wash and dryer for the first time, and they came out great, crisp and ready to put back on the bed. Even the header at the top was unwrinkled - a pet peeve of mine because all my other sheets have wrinkled headers that I always have to iron to look good on the bed. I sleep "hot", so these sheets have been much more comfortable for me at night, they stay cool and do not get all clammy feeling like my other sheets do. I am so glad that I found these!

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