Windows in master BR of new!

ILoveRedMay 24, 2014

We are designing our new home. I like my sitting room in my present master bedroom so I asked the architect to do something similar.

The back is to the East. Behind the bed is South. The French door is North.

Right now I have to go through a nightly ritual of closing heavy drapes in 3 sitting room windows and French Doors to make the room dark.

With the new house I will have the same ritual as well as windows behind the night stands. I'm trying to talk husband into letting me eliminate those nightstand windows. (Thanks Pal!) He is resistant.

I'm also afraid it will be hard to darken the room. We really like a dark bedroom.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there any way that a rod can be used over the whole wall of windows on that East sitting Room which would allow you to close all of the drapery in one simple movement? Or is that impossible? Would it be too much fabric?

It's not too late too change the shape of the end of that sitting room and the windows if making those changes would make this possible....

2. What do you think about using a pocket door between the master bedroom and sitting room which could be closed at night instead of columns? Then I could use any window treatment I liked rather than room darkening. Just a thought.


I hope this post makes sense. If not, I will try to clarify.

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I think your idea of having pocket doors to close off the sitting room might be your best choice as the shape of sitting room would make it difficult to mount a single window treatment to cover all of those windows.

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I don't know that I would eliminate the beds on the window wall completely, but I do feel their position right behind the bedside tables (and their lamps) is awkward, particularly if you want to close and open the curtains daily.

I agree that pocket doors would be a good idea for light control between the rooms.

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You could have draw drapes that follow the angles of the walls that you could close with one pull, but because there would be so much bulk, the fabric would probably have to stack on the walls behind the chairs. Pocket doors appear to be a feasible solution. Another solution would be to have draw draperies run across the opening, either on the bedroom side or the sitting room side.

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Annie Deighnaugh

If you didn't want pocket doors you could do the drape on the doorway to the sitting room which can be closed at night.

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Fun--yes, I'm liking the pocket door idea more and more. Thank you.

Pal..I misunderstood you in our email. If I don't eliminate the windows on the headboard wall where do you think I should have them, if not behind the night stands? I'm glad you like the pocket door idea. I really value your opinion.

Sue--hmmm. Hadn't thought of that. So they do make rods that big that sounds like. Yes, too much fabric. My inspiration picture below. Thank you.

Annie...trying to picture this. Hmmm. This could be interesting. Thank you.

Here's a bedroom look that I like. We have woods in our back.

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We have pocket doors that separate our sitting area from the rest of the bedroom. Love to open those doors in the morning to let the sunshine in!

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Persnickety...I remember when you were building your beautiful house!

Your bedroom is lovely. Love the white matelasse and green. Just what I needed to see! Thanks for sharing the pic.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Here's an example of a draped doorway....called a portiere.

I suppose you'd have the option of putting the drape in the sitting room side so it wouldn't show at all from the bedroom side or vice versa.

Beach Style Bedroom by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Tara Seawright

Traditional Entry by Baltimore Interior Designers & Decorators Patrick Sutton Associates

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Annie--could have sworn I posted re: your pic.

Love the second pic. Without it I couldn't have visualized this.

Thank you.

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