Pool chemicals

lbphathead19October 8, 2012

I am having a new in ground pool and spa built which will replace an above ground spa that I currently have. I have a lot of left over chemicals from the spa. I was wondering which chemicals I will be able to use for the new SALT water pool. Hoping I can save some of these and use them.

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In general, most are OK for pool use but without knowing exactly what you have, no one could say.


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Mostly algecide, ph up, ph down, non chlorinating shock, and chlorine treatment. I'm at work right now so I can't be possitive on the names but those sound right.

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Salt cells usually push the pH down. The granular pH reducer is usually bisulfate and will get used. Personally, I prefer muriatic acid as a longer term solution.

pH Up, in small quantities is handy if the pH is pushed too low.

Killing the algae with chlorine before it can multiply eliminates the perception that you need algaecides. Keep the chlorine level up where it belongs and there is no algae. It's the least of the concerns you would have as there are a significant number of other bio-hazards that can grow like infections, parasites, germs and bacteria that can grow. The presence of algae would indicate that these other hazards also have had the opportunity to flourish and that sweat, oils and lotions are not being oxidized and rendered inert.

Non chlorinating shock is rarely needed or wanted. It can destroy free chlorine, turning it into combined chlorine, rendering it useless.

Being that these were for a spa, I doubt you have large quantities.


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With a salt water pool do you need non-chlorine Shock treatment. I was given a bunch of this by my neighbor who had a spa. Would i need it for the pool? He also gave me a bunch of Stain and Acale controle. It says it prevents metal stains and scale formation. Could or would this be useful with my pool or should i get rid of it.

Thanks for any help in advance

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You can just use bleach or liquid chlorine to shock your pool if needed once you have the salt generator dialed in. Having bleach on hand to help keep chlorine levels up until it is dialed in is a good idea. All I use with my salt pool is muriatic acid to lower pH.

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Google "Pool School" and really learn how to take care of your pool.

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I second the Pool School vote at trouble free pool site. You shouldn't need stain and scale if you keep your CSI where it needs to be and brush regularly.

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