How much fabric should I get for this quilt?

lafonda_ranchMay 23, 2013

My brother and his wife have asked me to make them a quilt for a cabin they rent out. I've put a link to the quilt below. It calls it a scrappy quilt, so there are no fabric requirements (I've emailed the shop and not received a reply). Is there an easy way to figure out how much fabric to purchase? She's wanting it in mauves and greeens, and I just don't have a big enough stash to do a whole quilt.

Thank you!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Love in the Mist Quilt

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I really don't have an answer for you but want to air a pet peeve of mine. First of all strip piecing doesn't really work very well for true scrap quilts. That's a really pretty quilt and looks fairly challenging and a lot of work. Are your brother and sil planning to pay you for the fabric and work involved? I wouldn't want to leave it in a rental where it could easily be damaged and/or stolen. Am I overly cynical?

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Robbi, I've been in the process of making this since Le Ann posted it. I have all the blocks made and the center together.

If you can take an approx 'how much fabric for one block' and divide by 3 or 4 for the shades, then you'll have an approx amount per block....multply each shade by 38 (there are 38 blocks) for total. Then add in what you would need for borders and sashing. The blocks are pretty much standard patterns and 9 1/2" unfinished.

She lives in Claremore OK so may have other issues going on right now, but I think everything is ok where she lives. leann @ persimmonquilts . com

Hope I did all of that right......

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I agree with you Fran ~ But, I've been known to be overly cynical :)

Here's a link to a Fabric calculator that may (or not) help. Not having a huge stash makes it very difficult to make a true scrappy, but you can make a very planned scrappy quilt. I think you are going to end up buying alot of extra fabric.

You didn't ask, but I would choose a different pattern-there are many, many wonderful choices easily available, both on the internet and books, that will allow you to strip piece and get this quilt finished in a reasonable time frame. I find BOM patterns very, very time consuming -- because they are designed Block at a time.
Look at for some free patterns that are intricate looking, but very doable and she gives you all the fabric requirements.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fabric calculator

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What everybody else says, especially the part about choosing a different pattern. I do almost entirely scrappy quilts, more than 50% anyway and I'd think twice about tackling this one for its intended purpose. Gonna take lots of background fabric, and each block is so different, I recognize many of them and what has already been said about BOM. They intend for you to take a month to make each one. LOL. A pattern like that is an heirloom quilt, and if I were gonna put a quilt in a rental cabin it wouldn't be a thousand dollar quilt. It would be a very sturdily made one in an easy to do, but impressive pattern. Something I could chain sew for sure and this one isn't, really. However, you didn't ask us this, did you? LOL And we're being presumptive.

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If you want this quilt to look like a scrap quilt, you're going to need more fabrics than you think you will need.

Also, the sample shown in the link (which I love!) has the blocks made in blues and the creams are in the background. So when you say mauves and greens, do you mean there will be mauve blocks and green blocks plus a third color for the background? Or will the blocks be mauve and green together in one block?

In my opinion, I think this quilt would look better with various shades of green for the blocks and various creams for the background. It looks like the creams are scrappy in the blocks also, which is a look I like. I would have one fabric for the first border (blue in the sample), second border ( light cream), third border (blue), and fourth border (darker cream than the second border).

It may be that if you have to mix greens and mauves in each block, the quilt will take more time and effort than if you stick with one color and cream. I've seen the fine work you do, Robbi, and I'm sure what ever you make will turn out well. But you need to rethink her request for this quilt.......just my opinion.

And I would never put a homemade quilt in a rental house.


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I would also never, ever, put such a quilt into a rental house! Too much work, too lovely to risk it, unless they are paying for it. Renters will think it's a $39.95 quilt from Walmart. Yes, people are that stupid, and will throw wet towels and muddy shoes right on top, and never give it a thought.

Please think of a simpler pattern, if you're determined to do the quilt. Greens, mauves, and cream would look lovely in a Disappearing Nine Patch, and would take much less time, and need fewer fabrics.

Just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth, LOL.

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You guys have just about talked me out of this quilt!! I did let them know up front that any quilt would not be cheap.

Do any of you have a pattern suggestion on an easier quilt? The one they have on the bed now is a store bought double wedding ring, and I told them that was definitely out. Simple will be good, too.

I also want to do something like a small wall hanging quilt and some embroidery to help promote my embroidery business. I think that was their original intent, but they really like the work on the quilts I have done so far.

Pattern suggestions you really like that aren't very complicated would be much appreciated :-)


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Carpenter star is a fast quilt -- google and you will find alot of pretty patterns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpenter Star

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Oh Robbi! I meant to say "google and you will find alot of pretty PICTURES" (of the Carpenter Star). Posting while Cooking dinner on the grill with a storm approaching leads to mistakes!
Both dinner & post! :)

Bloomorelse just posted her Labyrinth Quilt - another good choice. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Labyrinth quilt - Bloomorelse

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How about a log cabin. You could do it in shades of mauve and green with an ivory center block.

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Whew! I'm glad you decided not to do the sampler! I would be unhappy to put in as much work as that, and then have it put in a rental house. (Like others, I have no expectation of rentals appreciating or caring for a hand-made quilt.)

Another simple pattern that is happily done scrappy is simply to double- or triple- sash-and-post blocks. Alternate light/dark sashes and use two fabrics for *all* the posts (this makes assembling *much* easier). The blocks can be all one fabric or an assortment; the sashes are divided into an even number of "light" and "dark" strips. If the starting block is mostly 'light', surround it with 'dark' strips and pale corner posts. Surround again with 'light' strips and very dark corner posts. If desired, repeat another round of sashing. To assemble, alternate blocks with an outermost 'light' sashing border and blocks with an outermost 'dark' sashing border. This pattern works extremely well with monotone or duo-tone quilts, although I have seen it done with every color in the scrap-box!

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You guys are great!! And Marsha, great choice for the Labyrinth quilt. She loved that one and said go for it!! I'm off to shop for fabric.

BTW, Le Ann emailed me back and gave me some very helpful guidelines on the fabric requirements the other quilt if anyone wants them, I can forward the email (or post it here).


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