Please advise as I promised hubby I would make decision by Monday

hrunnergirlOctober 17, 2010


We are putting a pool in our backyard. My brother works for the pool company. He feels strongly that we should put in a fiberglass pool. He has explained the pros and cons of both fiberglass and vinyl to me. I love the idea of fiberglass but I am concerned about the width as it is the Viking Ocean Breeze which is 16 x 40. If we do vinyl, I would do 20x 40. It seems 16x40 is narrow IMO. I am driving my brother and my husband crazy with my indecisiveness. I would love to hear some feedback regarding vinyl vs fiberglass as well as depth. We have three children ages 14, 11 and 7. We have bids for both and contracts drawn up for both. I have done a lot of research but am still having difficulty pulling the trigger! Please help!


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why not concrete pool?

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We have vinyl and like it. A friend has fiberglass (which no one was installing around here when we installed ours...or at least not popular). But now if I was installing a pool, I would give fiberglass more of a consideration because of no-worry with the liner IF THE INSTALLER HAS EXCELLENT REPUTATION AND INSTALLED LOTS! I truly understand that if not installed level can be trouble...but when I look at my vinyl it isn't level nor is it even on the width! Good luck! Go with your 'gut' feeling if otherwise everything is equal!

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We have a very satisfactory 15 x 40 fiberglass and often having visitors we nonetheless find it plenty wide

Forgive me Domingo but I'd suppose concrete might be more subject to cracking

Strongly suggest orienting the pool so that your prevailing wind helps carry flotsam into the skimmer, will save you hours and hors of manual scooping

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What final depth do you want? With 40' length you can easily have a diving pool with vinyl or gunite. Fiber glass limits the final depth. I have teenagers and love my diving pool and wouldn't have any other way. As a pediatric nurse I have never cared for a pool related paralyzed child that dove into a diving pool. All of them dove into a shallow pool.

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IF (and thats a big one) I remember, the Ocean Breeze is one of Viking's Diving Permitted models.

If he's really good at setting F/G pools, either of your choices is a win/win solution. If he's been a Viking dealer for a number of years, all the better as they have a fairly high set of standards for installation. If F/G is newer (less than 3 years or 100 pools) to him, I would lean towards the liner.


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Scott is correct, both are good pool platforms.
I'd ask first, do you or your neighbors, family, friends, etc.. have dogs that will or may jump in the pool?
If the answer is anywhere close to a yes, go for the fiberglass and give up on the extra size.
Trust me on this, a 16 x 40 is still a whole lot of pool.

See ya,

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