Tell me about 3D Pinwheels and Geese

magothyrivergirlMay 30, 2012

What happens in the wash? How do they look after a few trips in the washer and dryer?

I am considering making a quilt that has alot of both, but it would be a quilt to be used often & I wonder how the loose geese and pinwheels look after awhile.

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I made a 3D pinwheel baby quilt and it looked great until the baby actually started using it lol!!! The pinwheels do not look the same after washing and drying unless you take the time to press them into shape.

I noticed they had flatted just from being folded in a box to wrap. I made my pinwheels smaller and the quilt was still cute.

My friend used premanent press for the pinwheels and she says she likes the way they look much better, but they still lose the 'puff'.

The only time I have used 3D geese I sewed them down like a Cathedral Window.

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Thanks Rosa, that is what I expected. So knowing this, I do not want to make them 3D if I decide to make this particular quilt.

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For the amount of time I spent folding, ironing, and then ironing the center flat I felt it was too time consuming. And it does make a heavier baby quilt. But it was still cute!!

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I made a jeans quilt with 3-D pinwheels for my g'son's girlfriend. I started out makeing the larger pinwheels and decided early out that it might make a looser floppier block than I wanted, so kept those blocks and then made it with a considerably smaller pinwheel. I was much happier with that, and figure there won't be the disorganisation there would have been with the larger pinwheel. That quilt will get ironed when pigs fly.....this is a teenager. LOL.

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