Long Arm Machine rental

fran1523May 18, 2011

Two area quilters who live in the next town to me have opened a business where they rent time on a long arm quilting machine. Today I took the introductory course to learn the basics of how to set up your quilt and operate the machine. Then I had almost a whole hour to play at the quilting and try different designs. I am excited to have this opportunity because I might actually get all my quilts finished.

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Fran, how fun! There are shops here in Orlando that rent time on their machines. Even though I have my own frame/machine setup, I should probably go take a lesson or two just to see how to do it right!


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Oh, I would love some classes, would cut down on my learning curve. Enjoy Fran, it is great fun.


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Fran, that sounds like lots of fun. I wish someone in my area did that (although I would probably want to buy my own machine after using theirs!) Be sure to post some pictures when you get your projects finished.

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Do you mind if I ask how much they charge per hour? I'm wondering if it's cost effective.

Although, regardless of cost, it does sound like a lot of fun.

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The required training class was $75 for two hours of individual instruction. That included a set of zipper leaders that you need to put your quilt on the machine. The leaders are reusable. After that the hourly rate is $20 and someone is always there to help you if there is a problem with the machine or to change a bobbin. I think after you have 20 hours of rental time, the rate goes down to $15.

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I rented one in Conway, but it has since closed. I've heard there is a shop in the Shreveport/Bossier area that rents their longarms. I'll check it out as soon as school is out. I paid $20 an hour after I took the first class ($25). It was lots of fun. I'd need more practice to custom quilt, but for charity quilts my level of quilting was OK.

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Hi, I'm kinda looking into upgrading from a home-made frame and a Juki, right now I'm thinking about getting my Juki stretched and getting another frame that has an easier mobility, I would really like some input on a good frame or even getting another machine with a frame combo if I can find one at a reasonable price, thanks for any help you can give me.

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