Embroidery machine quilting

nannykinsMay 7, 2012

I have been wanting to ask this question for some time and even woke this morning telling myself this is the day. Then when I read and saw Rosa's red/white quilt, I knew this was the day,

For those of you with embroidery machines, do you use it for actual quilting?

Is it difficult? And how do you do it?

I have an embroidery machine and I am ashamed to say I have never even used it for embroidery. It was an impulse buy.

But if it could be used for quilting, I might give that a go.



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Theresa, I have used mine for quilting, but it's been a long time! I hooped the 3 layers like I hoop for regular embroidery. I don't remember it being difficult, but I don't think I'd try a big quilt like Rosa's! You just have to make sure the weight is supported.

I don't embroider often with mine. Just not my thing, I guess. :)


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Theresa I love my embroidery machine!!! Embroidered towels and baby burps are a huge hit. I also have made so many baby quilts with the name, birth date, weight, pounds etc. that I am tired of making them lol!!!!

For the raggedies I hoop 3 layers of fabric and embroider then cut to size. For quilting I hoop the sandwich. As Donna said you have to hold the quilt so there is no drag on the embroidery arm.

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I guess I had better get out the little manual that came with the machine and start reading. I know that at our LQS, they do have a course on using your machine. Will check into that too.
Thanks ladies.
Rosa, your work is just wonderful.

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Thank you Theresa! There is a learning curve and I found hooping correctly was the hardest part for me, I have no idea why.

Start with easy designs. Embroidery Library has many free high quality ones and good sales. I wish I had a chance to take a class on using mine!

This one has free designs hourly.

Here is a link that might be useful: DesignsBySick

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With my Fall quilt, I did the embroidery before constructing the quilt. I hooped extra large fabric (kind of like when you do applique) then cut the block down to the correct size.

I've also used a feather design as the quilting on my mini-snail's trail quilt. In this case, I hooped the sandwich.

I think it depends on the design and the overall look. If you hoop the sandwich, of course your embroidery is going to show on the back side. This may be desireable sometimes, but not always.

Remember, you can put any color in your bobbin. I've been known to put a matching color in the bobbin so that there isn't any tension issues showing, and so the back side thread coordinates.

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I am pretty new to using my embroidery machine for quilting although I have plenty of designs to do just that. I love my embroidery machine and use it for in the hoop items mostly but also quilt labels, towels, napkins, etc. However, I have just started a machine applique table runner. There is a quilt size too, but I feel I should start small. Basically you embroider the fabric using your machine, then cut the blocks to size and stitch together with your regular machine to make your quilt.
I have several designs for using the embroidery machine to make your blocks....redwork mostly A friend made a gorgeous quilt by embroidering the blocks redwork style and then stitching with other pieced blocks, then batting, backing, quilting on a standard sewing machine.
I also have some designs for the actual quilting of a block but have yet to try them. Kinda like free motion quilting I think. I have the Janome 350E and its hoop size is pretty small compared to some. I would only try blocks, not the whole quilt.....movement of a whole quilt would be a problem for me.
Attaching a link to site with some embroidery applique designs. I just started the Picnic Time table runner from this site.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.lunchboxquilts.com/shop/#embroidery-applique-quilts

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Thanks again to all for your ideas. I really need to get at it.

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I bought a Janome 350E last year, and have had a wonderful time playing with it. I recently made this Triple Irish Chain quilt, with embroidered flowers, and am currently working on another one. The patterns were from emblibrary.com - they have wonderful designs and great sales. I would love to use the machine for quilting, but haven't gotten the nerve to try that yet.

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Wanda, your quilt is beautiful! I am always thinking I should figure out how to incorporate embroidery in my quilts - thanks for the inspiration!


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Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!
Thank you all

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Very nice use of your embroidery capabilities. I have tries using mine but don't have the variety that the newer machines have. You did a wonderful job mixing yours with the Isish chain. I like that pattern and giving some thought to doing one. Your an inspiration. TFS

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That is really beautiful, Wanda!

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That is gorgeous Wanda!!!! How long did it take you to make the quilt??

I get antsy sitting with the machine and mine has a fit if I walk away lol!!!

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