kitchen Lighting Plan - need reveiw help

mirucaApril 4, 2013

I've started the lighting plan - am I close? Need help, please - have to finalize for electrician this week.

I used:
4" Cree recessed
24-26" out from wall
36" in between lights
UCL for three range wall cabinets (15" and two 30" cabinets )

Starting point ...Placed sink lights about 18" to either side of faucet - is that right:? Does that give enough light over sink work area? Tried to avoid directly over sink based on prior GW comments .

Placed island lights at 4 corners. However, there is lobbying for 3 perhaps pendants over island. I am worried that pendants would not provide enough light, and would look like too much going on visually.

Placed one light centered at the stand alone "nook" cabinet - although this seems to violate the "not palce direclty overhead center" comments

Oven wall lights .. not sure of best placement, light above range is not centered on range, refrig and pullout area seem kind of dark so placed light above pull out at 34"?

Should dining area have four recessed lights near the corners in addition to the over the table light that hangs down? If so... should I get rid of the recessed at the cabinet near to the dining sliding door?

Tired posting for advice on the lighitng forum but no repsonses.... and this is a BIG decision!

Appreciate comments, pls.

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You want a light directly over the sink area. Make that your starting point. And the lights should be no further than about 18" off the wall for runs with uppers, more like 12"-14" on walls without upper cabinets for under counter lighting. Where you have the lights placed currently will cause shadows on your work surface from people using the counters as workspace. You also need either a large multi-light pendant over your island or additional recessed lighting.

Not quite accurate as to placement, but it's the best I can do before coffee this morning with Paint. Color coded for the separate circuits that you will need. Add dimmers to each circuit. I'd recommend dimmers on EVERYTHING. Yes, it looks like a lot, but you're talking 4" lights, and with a dimmer, you can control the lighting levels.

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Sorry, I can't help at all. I was outvoted on all things lighting by the GC, electrician and hubby. Frustrated! Grrrr.

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It does look like a lot! Interesting on the 18"- everything I read says 24 to 26 due to the cone effect.

Will have to go back to think more about this.

Any other comments?

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I agree with over the sink and on the island, and some light by door but use 26 for the rest. I wouldn't likely put in the extra row even with 4's but have to do the math. I prefer 5's for the added light and flexibility.

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Be careful with placement of lights where you have upper cabinets. Don't forget to account for the cabinet depth plus crown molding. Measure the width of the housing, not just the light. Be aware that joists and ductwork can get in the way of your plan. Those are lessons I learned the hard way!

Post your plan on the lighting board for more good feedback.

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