New Pool, Plaster is completely wrong

berkeleycmsSeptember 17, 2012

So I posted previously that my new pool plaster which was done 4 days ago looked too dark. Today following the first day of acid start up, it is basically black. It looks nothing like "onyx" on the Quartzscape website. The pool has no shade of blue at all in it in any lighting whatsoever.

The PB is acting like "tough luck" thats the color you picked and color quartz has color variation. My view is that it is not a variation of shade but a completely different color. I even had them use 25% less obsidian so that it wouldn't be as dark as onyx, but the pool is darker than onyx.

Anyone with any suggestions on what to do next? What goes into changing the pool plaster. Do they have to chip off all the current plaster? All advice and thoughts appreciated.

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I looked at the Quartzscapes website, Onyx looks like a dark gray finish. That should give you a very deep blue color but you will not see the true color until your water is balanced. Also when it is low light or shade ove the pool it will probably look pretty dark.

Yes, you would have to chip the old plaster off, may have to replace tiles too, i don't know if they can get the plaster off without damaging those. I would give it a little time to make sure you don't like it as redoing it will be expensive.

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I agree. Give it a few days to relax. Once the chemicals have balanced (2-3 days) hopefully it will be a whole new ballgame. I really hope it turns into the color you're happy with. Because if the pool builder has a 'too bad' attitude, you're going to have a hard time changing his mind.

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So they have begun pool start up. The first day after putting the acid in the pool, all of the plaster dust disappeared and left behind, basically black plaster. The pool is black. No shade of blue at all in any lighting.

The PB says the plaster company will drain pool and do an acid wash and feels that this will bring out the "greys" in the underlying quartz. I am skeptical. Right now It is smooth black finish.

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Can you post a photo? I'm getting ready to choose a Quartz scape color myself. I'm pretty nervous now. I wasn't going to go dark at all. Probably one of the lightest colors available. I'd be anxious to see what yours looks like. Good luck with the new acid wash.

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Sorry to hear your trouble, I guess this explains why my builder wouldnt even touch grey or darker, they would only do white, green or blue.

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Quartzscapes and other brands which are mixed onsite by the plaster installer are more susceptible to color variations. I much prefer to use a premixed plaster like Diamond Brite. Th finish is very consistent. You can always contact Quartzscapes and have them come out to see what's going on. It may be a bad batch or a bad application or it might be ok eventually. Get them to weigh in.

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