Diamond Brite French Grey

kwpoolSeptember 17, 2009

I have trolled all thru the forum in the last few months and learned a lot! Dig starts on Monday and I am still not sure of Diamond Brite color. PB took us to see DB Tahoe Blue, his favorite. Really pretty but too bright blue for our design. Very clean lines, almost contemporary. Thinking DB French Grey but can hardy find any pictures anywhere. Please post or suggest sites where I can find. Many thanks for all the willingness to share!

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Rain in Houston area has postponed our dig and bought me a few extra days to decide on finish. Any pics would be greatly appreciated! We really do not want to pick a color we haven't seen in person, so pics would help us narrow down so we aren't taking up another PB/ pool customer's time. Our PB hasn't done French Grey and is just finishing a Mojave Beige (he will post pics when filled and balanced b/c I've told him what a challenge I've had). Many thanks!

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We have the French Grey and I love it!! In our previous pool we just went w/the regular Diamond Brite and I'm so glad we went with this on our new pool.

I actually have pictures on here but it's from 2 years ago and couldn't find a link (it's around Sept. 2007)...I'll keep searching and try to find it. If not, I'll try to remember how to post pictures and send some your way lol.

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These are awesome and really helped lock in our decision to go with French Grey. Tile Friday and plaster next week (weather permitting) - will post pictures as we move forward. Thanks so much!

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kwpool- Do you have any pics of your pool with the DB French Grey. I just picked that color today and would love to see your pics. I am worried if it gives off too much of green tint. I am looking for a deeper blue color but not the windex blue from the tahoe blue. Please post pics!!!


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Yes please do! I'm in the same boat and will hopefully be plastering next week. I'm leaning toward French Grey too. I need to see more pictures. :)

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Here's the link below to our pool build post with several French Grey pics. We LOVE the color in all lighting and have no green tint at all. Landscape is nwo finished and I just have to get off my lounge chair to take a few more final pics :)

Here is a link that might be useful: French Grey Pool Build

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Thanks for the photos on your post. We are considering french gray for our pool as well. We are looking for a more "lagoon feel".

One question - your french gray photos look quite a bit lighter than gotpool's. Did you notice this as well? Perhaps your photos were taken very soon after plastering? Is your plaster color now similar to gotpool's? We're trying to match the look of gotpool's photos.

Thanks in advance for the help. Chad

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I can see why people are confused about this color. All the photos posted on this forum of French Grey look very blue. But the Diamond Brite brochure has a greenish turqoise blue as their example photo.

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