Total newbie, diy inground spa?

enigmaquandrySeptember 5, 2011

I am completely new to the world of pools and spas. The hubby is from Alabama and bringing him up to the land of snow and cold, I'd like to make him an inground hot tub in the backyard. I'm open to any ideas for a simple diy job (though I understand these things aren't simple). I've considered fiberglass shells but they're a little too $$, livestock tanks, but I'm not sure they won't crack when buried in the freeze/thaw cycle. I'm recently thinking about pond/pool vinyl liner? Really we only need/want this thing to be quite small, maybe four people in it at the very most. We need it to have a filtering system and preferably some sort of heating/jet system. Realistically our budget is 1,000 or under but we are prepared to do ALL the work ourselves...we just need some experienced direction!

I am looking for any leads, links or ideas whatsoever, I really appreciate it!

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Just the pump, filter and heater will cost more than that. That doesn't cover the controller, electrical, plumbing, or the sitting area.


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Hmmm, maybe I need to rethink some things. I had expected the components to be around $400ish, maybe I was thinking too low...

we're thinking of simplifying to perhaps no jets or heater, so really just a small, pool with a pump and filter. I'm not sure the best way to go about that, but it might be a more realistic approach.

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I searched DIY hottub on google. This was the second result LOL.

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As silly as it sounds, I plan on doing exactly what the guy in goyom's link did, well, with a few changes to make it look a touch more built-in....something like the pic below. My goals were to have a small wading pool that can be heated into the 80's for March/April and Oct/Nov. I dont really want a 100deg hot tub...I started out searching for a hot tub, but I really dont want all the molded interiors, I really just want an inground small wading pool. My parents have a nice pool, and our YMCA has a GREAT pool..huge, beach entry, tons of fountains, etc if we really want to go swimming. But to lay on a float, and add a pretty element to our backyard, this should suffice.

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