problems with autofill

davidpolingSeptember 23, 2011

My PB kind of abandoned me at the last stage of construction and never hooked up my poolmiser autofill. It didn't look too difficult so I went ahead and hooked it up myself via the hose bib on the house and underground PVC. I have 2 other "satellite" hose bibs on that same line (not to be used simultaneously of course) and a vacuum breaker. I got it all hooked up and it seems to work ok, but anytime someone jumps into the pool the valve opens and closes over and over until the water settles back down. It wouldn't matter too much to me, but the vacuum breaker "spits" a little every time there's a sudden jolt of pressure change. Has anyone else ever had this issue or am I just doing something wrong.

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How deep in the pool is the opening to the autofill?

The water line feeding the hose bibs may need an anti-hammer device attached. Its basically a shock absorber for the water in the pipe that stops suddenly.


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The end of the pool at the autofill is only 4 feet deep, but it also has a swimout maybe 6 or so inches below the water equalizer line with the water line 6 inches above that.

I'll look into that anti-hammer device. Does anyone know if they reduce pressure?

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The opening between the auto filler and the pool is usually at least 18" down. most of the currents are near the surface, hence the changes in depth in the auto filler's chamber.

The anti hammer devices are usually an air bladder in a vessel. Since water doesn't compress, the momentum is absorbed by the bladder, killing the hammer effect.


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