New Pool Build in St. Johns, FL

snsnSeptember 5, 2010

First time pool owners here! We are excited and I am a little nervous. I cannot believe how quickly things rolled once the permit was issued. Permit on Wednesday, excavation on Thursday, rebar/gunite this past Friday. Although PB and gunite foreman said no need, hubby has been out there spraying the pool down 2 to 3 times a day to help with the curing process. Tilework is delayed since the rains we had a 1 to 2 weeks ago put everyone else on hold. That's okay since we had a change of heart on color choices (from an Atlantic Blue to Piriti Sunrise Rust which has a hint of blue swirls). I will post more pics as the build moves forward.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Pool Build

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I like the shape! ;) I also like the beautiful trees in the background.

I posted the photos here for you.

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Although, it's too late now, I look at the pool and keep thinking we should have gone a tad bigger. Our plans call for a 15x30 pool. I know the shape does not allow us to take full advantage of those measurements. My husband measured and the width came out to 14'8" on the widest portion and length at 31'6". A friend of mine, who had a pool built, said that the pool looks smaller because I do not have the decking laid yet.

Our screen porch will butt right into the retaining wall in our backyard. Our PB said he had to push the decking out 2 more feet (at his cost, of course). Our package came with a $500 coupon to a local nursery. We plan on using their design services on the backyard. We want to take advantage of the trees and are toying with the idea of making a path down the middle which will lead to a sitting area or possibly a secret garden of sorts.

Thank you for posting the pics! :)

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Believe me I think you pool looks great. We have a small pool, we call a Social pool and it is the perfect size for all. It is 10 X 20, widest point is about 13 1/2 ft. We find that we always need more decking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our new pool build in Jacksonville FL

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Received a call today that plumbing will be installed tomorrow and electrician will be out on Friday. Tile is scheduled for next week. We have been patient knowing the gunite needs time to cure since it was shot on 9/3. Hubby has been watering the gunite daily with some assistance from our off and on rain showers. When my youngest daughter and I helped with the watering this weekend, I noticed a sizzling sound when the water was sprayed onto the gunite ~ is this normal or should we be concerned?

Secondly, we went with a stamped acrylic deck. We both like the look of the ashlar slate pattern. I talked to one of PB's vendors and was told that he is able to accommodate this look but pointed out that slipping may be an issue since he will be applying a sealant over the acrylic decking. We have seen many photos on the internet with this pattern used for pool decking. And, wouldn't a sealant be used regardless of the pattern of the stamped overlay? Any thoughts or comments around this are appreciated. Thank you! :)

P.S. We had a "visitor" this weekend taking an early swim in the pool ~ a rat snake. I helped him on his merry way to the wooded area behind the house....our screen enclosure should help minimize these unwelcomed visits along with pine needles that are already accumulating in the pool.... ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ashlar Slate pattern

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It is highly recommended to keep the gunite wetted continuously for the first 28 days to achieve the highest PSI possible. It is not unheard of for individuals to rig a misting watering system or even lay a soaker hose at the top of the beam to keep the gunite continuously moist. The sound you are hearing is the reaction caused by the addition of water to the gunite yielding a Calcium Hydroxide Precipitate that appears as a white powder on the surface of the gunite. The more you drive this reaction by the addition of water the higher the PSI and the stronger your shell will be. This of course is no different for the curing of your deck.

Your pool builder needs to talk with his deck contractor and have them add a fine sand to the sealer to make it less slippery. This is a common practice in the pool industry and yes your deck should be sealed no sooner than 7 days after the base hardner and release agent is applied to allow for concrete curing (I like to wait at least 14 days). Do not forget the importance of water for curing. Also consider a 6" deck with #3 rebar 12" O.C. and remember to use a landscape fabric at least 20 MIL. placed directly on the compacted soil base. Make sure all drainage issues are addressed around the poolsite.

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Thank you for the info diypoolpro! My husband thought we only needed to water for two weeks.

The plumber did show on Thursday; but, only long enough to dig a trench. When I called the construction foreman for an update, he advised that the plumber left due to a family emergency and will be back on Monday. During this conversation, I found that some of the changes we made with the owner, who has visited our build a few times, was not relayed to the foreman. My confidence level just slipped a notch.... :(

Electrician will be out on Tuesday. My husband and I will be asking for an additional outlet (we already have 2 on our lanai). We may purchase a stand alone hot tub in the futre so we will ask about this. Anything else?

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Electrician came yesterday and wired 2 lights. Foreman was out today to make sure the 3rd light was installed ~ after we brought it to their attention last night. Tile is finally in. They will come back tomorrow to grout. I'm sooooo glad that my husband talked me into changing the color. The metallic specks come to life when the light hits the tile.

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Looks like it's coming along swimmingly! ;)

Are those three LED lights? And it may be just the photos, but the holes for the lights look to me like they are positioned (just below the waterline tiles) and sized for spa lights or for Nexxus Melody/Note?

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Yes...these LED lights are the Savi Melody by Nexxus Lighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Savi Melody LED lights

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Not much progress. We are hoping the deck will be poured by Friday. Weather hindered progress last week. They came Monday to form the deck and county inspection & termite spray was to be on Tuesday. Everything was halted Monday when they realized the piping was not deep enough in the ground....Piping is being fixed. They changed a cracked LED light; but, hubby says it's now scratched. Ugh!

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The pool is looking great! As to the size, believe me, you will have plenty of room. Our pool is 18x36 and we have TONS of room! As far as the sealant on the decking, research that....I inquired about a sealant for our Kool Decking on here a couple of weeks ago and with my PB and I was advised it would make it too slippery.
I love all your color choices! It is going to be awesome! Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: pool build

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Posting more pics. Deck was poured last week. Forms removed Monday and they are here today grinding down the existing lanai decking and building it back up to new deck level. They will be back tomorrow to pour and pattern the acrylic deck.

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Deck was finished yesterday. We met with the owner of the decking company a couple times and could tell he was a little skeptical about the pattern ~ although it wasn't very far off from what he has completed on other homes we visited in our area. We are very pleased with the finished product. The company texturized and patterned the spray deck exactly how we wanted - to look like ashlar slate. Here are some pictures:

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Your pool is starting to look good. Was wondering who your pool builder is and if you would recommend them? We are in the design stages right now with several different builders here in Jax.

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Sorry to cut in on your blog snsn.
nl server, I can recommend mine if you wish. Email me

Here is a link that might be useful: Our new pool build in Jacksonville, FL

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We used Florida Bonded Pools. There have been a few hiccups, but husband thinks I expect too much. :) Overall, we have been satisfied. Their construction foreman has been wonderful to work with and always available when we had questions or concerns. Their deck subcontractor is the best!

We are almost finished with our pool. The decking company has to come back and repair where the screen company chipped/dented the deck. We also still have to go thru pool school and have our salt system fully installed.

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