Pinch me!!

susan_onMay 31, 2013

The DreamWeaver VQ is for sale at my LQS for $3999, tax included. I talked to my husband to make sure he didn't mind if bought it. He told me to buy it and that he would pay for it!!

I have been doing research and I like this machine, but I want to look into it a bit more. I do love the Brother machines. Does anybody have any cautions for me before I make this big move?

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Congrats, what a sweet hubby. Can you try one before you get it?


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Susan, what fun! Is that a good price?

I've had a Brother sewing/embroidery machine for 10 years, and it's been great. I find it easy to use and the instruction manual very helpful.


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I was in the store yesterday trying it out! I had already seen all the videos, so that was helpful. I *think* it's a good price from the research that I've done. It's so hard to find SM prices online.

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That 11" throat would be wonderful. I have 9 on my Juki2010 and it's made a huge difference in the ease of quilting. The reviews are all good on this machine so if you think the price is good, do it! If you aren't sure about the price, check some of the on-line places like Ken's Sewing Center to see what they can offer, then negotiate with your local dealer for the best price.

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I'm worried that my post looks funny. The reasons I included the price are because I know people are always curious about that, and also, in case anybody had info or knowledge on the price...

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I don't know about that model, but a cheaper and simple little brother is my main workhorse for piecing and it's made well and sure has taken a lot of abuse over twenty some years and still doesn't miss a lick.

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