Adding Pebble Shimmering Sea pros and cons ?

mokaySeptember 22, 2010

I have been reading thru all the posts here since I discovered this fantastic place. At this point I would like to thank you first, this is just the greatest resource for all possible questions coming up during planning or building a pool. Hopefully I will get some advice today as well.

We are in the last phase of building, in 5 days we will have pebble sheen installed. I have read about the possibility to add some pebble product called shimmering sea for additional sparkle.

Question: Did anyone here had that done before; does it really make a tremendous difference?

In terms of warranty, the pebble web side mentions that Pebble cannot guarantee the sheel materials against long term degradation or changes in color or brilliance. I already contacted pebble and wait for info.

Any input from the experts here is highly appreciated, thanks a lot.

I will post next week some pics from our pool build here in Atlanta ! Again, thanks. Mokay

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I am not an expert, just a pool owner. I had Blue Lagoon Pebble Tec installed and added Shimmering Sea to ours and we love it. We are on our 4th swim season and it looks as pretty as the first season. It really sparkles when the sun comes out. I recommend it. I put the link below to another post I responded to and added some pictures. I hope you enjoy whatever choice you make.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shimmering Sea

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@Stonesmama,thanks for sharing this,your pool looks stunning,love,love,love the pictures, I'm more into the lighter colors and I love the blue, we decided on the Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen Color( I had a chance to see that color in person and I think it is very close to what you have) I will add some Shimmering Sea to it for additional sparkle,you sold me on this, again, thanks very much, I'm excited to see my color next week !Have a great weekend, Mokay

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