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sandlapper_roseMay 16, 2011

Have you ever made a fabric/cloth book? I would love to see what you made pictured here or to get some advice.

I want to make one for each of my triplet grandsons. They are babies so I am mostly thinking about a picture of a bird on one page, a picture of a dog on another, a train on another, etc. and trying to find fabrics that have common things like that and then sew the pages so that there is a picture on each side and batting in the middle. I am trying to avoid using applique.

How did you bind the book if you made one? How many pages work well?

I have seen some fabric books that include shoelaces, windows that open, etc. but that is more advanced than I want to do with this - thinking just pictures for this time.

Hope a few of you have words of wisdom to share.


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Jeanne, are you aware there are panels for making baby books?

If you want to be really creative~you could divide the alphabet & each little guy get his own set of letters. Of course when he goes to preschool and starts singing l-m-n-o-p before a-b-c you will know why ~lol.

This is only the beginning of making the same, but different, for you to sew for them - what fun!!

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I haven't made one, but if you need some boy I-spy fabrics, I have LOTS. Perhaps a theme to each book (bugs, toys, nature, sports, food ...)


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When I was little I had one - My Quiet Book. I liked it so much that I made one for a friend's little boy. Here is a blog site that is very similar to what mine was.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quiet Book

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The simplest fabric books I've seen are Gr-rr!!(I wish I could either SEE you or draw on here!!)

If you make a block as if making a pillow - using a pic on both sides, sandwiched w/batting in the middle. Leave the side closest to the spine open, with a large seam allowance, you can trim later. The easiest method is to then sew 2 together side by side (making a rectangle). Once you have all your pages made, simply sew down the center, dividing your pages, & creating the book's spine. I have seen them with a coordinating fabric, cut into a rectangle, sewn along this 'spine' to give it more of a book appearance(almost like appliqueing the spine). Sorry I can't explain this better - oh for pictures!
Have you googled fabric books at all? There could be a tutorial out there!! I'll do some digging for some pics in any of my gazillion quilt books. Good luck!

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I've made several from panels for my grandson. One I bought had a page that was printed upside down. That one was a challenge, but in general they're pretty easy.

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I also made one from a pattern that was adorable! It was either McCall's or Simplicity. It has an ear of corn that zips open with gold tassels hanging out, a crinkly butterly with wings that flap, a dog that can go in and out of a doghouse.. each page had some sort of "action". That one was really fun to make!

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Thanks for all the suggestions and help. I will definitely try the more complicated versions for each when they get older. What great ideas! Right now the triplets are only 2 1/2 months old and were preemies so basically newborn at this point... The first books I make will be plain and simple. I want something they can wave around, turn pages, and pat - and with using fabric - they can get washed as needed. LOL
I pulled up some of the sites and was amazed at all the ideas where things can be moved around using velcro. I will definitely look into that later on.
Thanks again.

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Many years ago, I made a fabric book of the Lord's Prayer. I used a word processor to print the letters on fabric I ran freezer backed fabric thru the printer. Then I just used juvenile scraps on the four corners of each page to highlight the words in the center. Next, I sewed 2 pages together and turned it to the right side, stacked them up and put them in between the title page and last page and sewed them inside like a spine. Real cute and made long before all the blogs that are sew helpful today.

Actually, the cover and back page were a long rectangle that held the "pages" inside until I could sew the "spine".

Several computer crashes prevents my posting a pic!


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I liked the preprinted panels for the books. They have them in all sorts of characters. It's a matter of finding the character the kids like. The directions are printed on the end of the panel. Very, very easy!

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I, too have made the from the preprinted panels. They are easy and so soft and washable! I like all of the ideas for making your own but will wait until I have my own grands before I take that challenge on!

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