I scrapped it!

jennifer_in_vaMay 10, 2012

My challenge quilt is due on Monday. I've been struggling with it for weeks, and last night, decided it just wasn't worth my energies. It all went in the trash (except the block with the orange border)

I was provided a fabric (the flower centers were cut from it) and the block design. They had to be in the 18" wall hanging somewhere/somehow.

I got this far and had 16 of the 2 1/2" yellow/brown paper pieced squares sitting on my table. I didn't like how they were going to look... All I could 'see' was Fallout Shelter signs!

So, I did something I can't remember ever doing before. I swept it all into the trashcan!! I plan to make the main block into a much needed potholder and be done with it. It wasn't an easy decision, but I did it... Time to move on.

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You are so brave! You are my hero. They'll soon be making a quilting action figure of you!

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I think your center block is very pretty, so I'm glad you saved it. I did not think of Fallout shelter signs when I looked at your block, but now that you mention it... :)

And Toolgranny, LOL, I agree!

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Bummer, Jennifer! I've had a couple of projects that I finally just tossed out, too. (But not until after salvaging what I could! LOL)


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Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and do what you gotta do. I must admit the first think I thought of was crash dummies. Could you rescue them and use them in another project?


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Now I thin it looks artsy, not bad at all!! Why not make the little squares into another pot holder?? I need to make some too.

I have some projects that I need to get rid of too, it's such a pain after working on something that doesn't turn out as hoped.

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That is something all of us need to learn to do. It has not as much to do with pride than our quilts are an extension of ourselves. If it doesn't express our vision, then it isn't. It's why our teeth stand on edge when we agree to make a work with somebody else's idea and why I could never do it for a living (not that I am skilled enough to do that anyway, lol) Nor could I work as a commercial artist and that is a field I considered when I was young. I ended up doing a lot of drafting instead in one of my jobs since it wasn't open to interpretation and that didn't bother me.

Your work comes back to haunt you, it becomes a CV or resume of your passion. Sometimes the destruction of a piece is liberating. I have four large panels of a hideous design in my basket and it's sat there for two years and I have mused on how to salvage that effort. I just simply don't think I want to even look at it anywhere in my house. I may use your panel for inspiration.

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Way to go, Jennifer! A good end for this project! Now on with something else that gives you joy - life is too short to spend time on designs we hate.

I remember one guild raffle quilt sewing workshop, working on a hard paper-pieced block that you would have loved, toolgranny! I had to start over about 3 times because I just could not "get" it! Finally, I gave my sorry partially finished block to my friend (who was doing well making the blocks), cleaned up my space, packed up my machine, and announced loudly to the entire group "o.k., that's it for me, I'm done!" I sincerely tried to make the block, over and over, and I wasn't going to waste a good weekend afternoon trying to make this stupid block.

It's always o.k. to throw in the towel or throw out parts of our quilts if it's more frustration than it's worth.

[When I read the title of your post I thought "whhhhaaa??? Jennifer is now making a scrap quilt?" LOL!]


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Yea, Jennifer! Sometimes it's hard to remember that we do this for fun, not to add one more chore to our list! When it's not fun, it's time to walk away or sweep it into the trash.


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That's how it's done, Jennifer. Out of sight, out of mind.....move on.


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Congratulations. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

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Sharon~ It may be out of sight, but it's not out of mind! It still hurts me to think of all that paper piecing sitting in the trash can!! But I won't be pulling it out (like some people we know! You know who you are!!).

And yes, it's time to move on. Hopefully tonight I can get the orphan blocks into pot holders and actually FINISh something! Then I can move on to a quilt for a July wedding.

Teresa~ "Fooled you!!!"

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Has "she" shown up to go dumpster diving yet?


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Not yet, but I believe there's a time difference! lol

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I applaud you Jennifer. You knew when to scrap it & did it.

I was sewing with my Red Cross group today. We were laying out a group of blocks that had been donated by our guild members. I noticed one block that looked a little "odd" & picked it up for closer examination. There were zig-zag stitches across 2 rows in the block! Then I noticed that there were holes in some of the seams and the lower edge had obviously been sewn, then unsewn as there were small holes there also! So apparently the sewer had some problems constructing the block & when she had ripped out the seams she'd cut into the fabric squares. Then she tried to salvage her "holey" seams by zig-zagging them together on the top side. Yet the holes remained! Altogether quite pitiful! I can't imagine someone so clueless as thinking this was a suitable donation!

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