Problems with plaster staining - help please!

gprecellaSeptember 24, 2012

My pool is a little over a year old and I'm noticing my plaster is stained and is looking 'dirty'. Does anyone know what causes this and what to do to get the plaster white again?

I've been very good about keeping the pool chemistry just right. I have a salt system and am constantly having to add acid to maintain the pH.

Can someone please help???

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Are you brushing regularly, at least once a week?

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Yes, brushing AT LEAST once a week!

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improper pH and alkalinity levels are usually the culprit. Muriatic acid cures most ills

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I was thinking dirt and debris sitting would cause the staining. I don't know about chemicals other than improper sanitation could allow algae or improper balancing and pH to etch and roughen the surface and make it harder to keep clean.
Is it possible to see it in a picture?

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