Using Foam Insulation Board for a Pool Floor

eric136September 3, 2008

I'm in the process of designing my inground vinyl pool and just checked-out a friend's vinyl pool. Instead of using vermiculite for the base, he used 2" blue foam insulation board. It's definitely a softer bottom (real similar to a sand bottom) and you can feel the uneveness of the dirt below it. I was wondering if anyone has heard of using this before (pros & cons), it's alot cheaper than the vermiculite and would be easier to install.


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Caveat...I'm not a vinyl PB.

The vermiculite provides a subsurface that will not settle if properly installed. It also provides a barrier for rodents that might dig. I've seen gofhers at a depth of 5-6 feet. The finish dimensions are important for a good, long lasting liner fit. Vermiculite allows this.
Some foam insulations don't hold up well underground.
Just a few points to ponder...Good luck.

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Understand that most of the pressure is on the walls of the pool not on the floor and I know from the pools I have seen that have put foam on the floor it tends to shift overtime and become a mess. For foam board I have not seen it installed and would worry about the liner in the slope areas and creating footprints as the adhesive breaks down. A sand portland cement mix will give you the best floor and its working time will be a little longer than Vermiculite. I only use vermiculite to patch a floor for a liner replacement..

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