Costco Hansgrohe Faucet - Love!

juddgirl2April 3, 2014

Just thought I'd post in case anyone was considering purchasing this faucet. Hansgrohe Talis C Kitchen Faucet

I've been needing to replace our old kitchen faucet forever because the base was leaking onto the granite counter and it had unsightly hard water damage. Had my eye on this Hansgrohe faucet at Costco for awhile and just picked it up in the store last weekend when I saw it was $60 off.

I think it was a great deal for $199 and now that it's installed I wish I hadn't waited so long to replace the old one. DH said it wasn't difficult to install either.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I bought the hansgrohe talis faucet for the bathroom and it's very nice. Highly recommend. only $79.

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I have the Hansgrohe Metro. Also like it a lot. Same with the Talis for the bathroom although DH didn't read the instructions properly and didn't tighten some (invisible, to him) screw in the back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco Hansgrohe Metro

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I have the Talis C in my kitchen. Two years ago I paid $500 through my KD. It has worked flawlessly for me, except for one thing. When you pull the sprayer down, there is an internal part just above the faucet head that screws into place. Over the course of a week or two it loosens. First time I noticed it, it seemed the faucet head wasn't seated right. So, now and then I just tighten it by hand. It probably shouldn't be happening, but it's no biggie.

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I am glad to hear that it comes well recommended. I grabbed it when I saw the deal. Now, I have exactly One thing for my kitchen!! On to 999 others..

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Very glad to hear this. It's sitting in the box waiting to be installed if I ever get to that point!

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Oh, I'll have to look at the Hansgrohe bathroom faucets for our master bath remodel. I didn't even think of looking at Costco for those.

We've been using the kitchen faucet for almost a week now and I'm very happy with it.

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