Justgotabme: My DD's Announcement (Pics)

lynninnewmexicoMay 9, 2012

I didn't want to hijack N2cookin's graduation announcement thread. BTW, I think it's awesome that you were already thinking creatively and out of the box back when you were in high school!

Anyhoo, as you requested, here's my DD's high school graduation announcement that she designed herself. I've blurred part of her face and personal info for privacy. The second pic is a closeup of the quote on the back of the announcement. It's actually small, so that there was space to write personal notes to people there. I've just cropped it for this pic.

Just yesterday we received yet another personally designed grad announcement. I love them all!


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You have a beautiful daughter, love the sentiment she chose.

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OMG, I thought that I was posting this on the Conversation side . . . I am so sorry ~ and embarrassed ~ that it ended up here!

Yayagal: thank you.

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What a creative announcement!

Lynn, your daughter is stunning!

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Beautiful & creative daughter, you should be so proud.

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OH, she is gorgeous and creative!

You are not the first one to post on this side by mistake, far from it, don't feel bad.

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Oh Lynn, she did an awesome job. They look so professional! Thank you for sharing them.

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I love seeing this! So creative:) maybe i love it so because I am a HS guidance counselor and sad to lose my favorite kiddos next month? Glad you made the error- you have a beautiful daughter!

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Thank you all for your kind comments. My sweet DD has come a long way from my little, very fragile 2 lb 14oz, seven month preemie. She graduates next weekend and I am so proud of the strong (and creative) young woman she's become.

CKGM: I know what you mean. The other night was her school's Scholars' Banquet, where the top 25 students, academically, were honored. We parents, teachers and administrators were so proud as each of our students gave a short speech honoring the teacher or counselor who most inspired them during all their school years. All those honorees were there for it. Some kindergarten or other grade school teachers were honored. Several high school counselors, too, and of course special high school teachers. It was an incredibly moving evening and we parents were very glad to see those great people honored along with our own graduates. You are appreciated!

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Oh wow! She was so tiny Lynn! My hubby was 2#6oz at birth. He's healthy as an ox now. At almost sixty he's running marathons!

What a neat banquet for honoring those that helped their students along. Being a retired elementary school reading teachers assistant I know how much one misses "our children" when they move on and what an honor it is when they tell you how much you helped them or when they introduce you to their parents as "this is Mrs. C, she's the one that taught me to READ!" That comment was from a little boy that his parents wanted to take him (a first grader) and his brother (as second grader) out of the reading program because the current reading teacher (my long time friend and awesome reading teacher retired the year before) was mean to them. A deal was made to keep them in the course by only seeing me whom they loved as much as I loved them. I loved all my students.

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What a beautiful announcement...congrats to all !

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Lynn, both your dd and the announcement are lovely!

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