New Pool Build in Central Georgia

braindeadSeptember 27, 2010

I've been hanging out on this site for several months and have attained SO MUCH useful information for our pool build. Since this is our first pool, we were clueless about a lot of things. But after months of research and gathering tons of info from this site, we started our build on 08/23/10! It was such an exciting ride...moving SO FAST at times, and creepingly slow at others. But we absolutely LOVE the finished product!! The only downside now is Fall is here and summer seems forever away...but there is much to enjoy in the interim. Luckily the winters are usually mild here in Georgia and with the covered cabana, I feel we will have months of enjoyment ahead. Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge with us newbies.

We ended up with an 18 x 36 rectangular pool

2 sheer descent water falls

Jandy equipment

1.5 hp motor

Polaris robot

6' tanning ledge with 2 bubblers on the side of the ledge

3 1/2 feet in the shallow end and 6' in the deep

2 returns

Pebble Tec finish - Carribean Blue

I feel truly blessed in that our pool build was only five weeks from beginning to finish. Now we are just trying to get grass to grow.

Here is a link that might be useful: pool photos

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Congratulations, your pool is beautiful! I love how you've done the lights in your yard too, very pretty and magical. Hope you get a warm winter so that you can get a ton of use out of it!

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Now the cabana is husband designed and had this sign made for my birthday. I love it!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We are just loving our outdoor living area now that the pool is complete! My only regret is that we didn't do this 4 years ago when we built the house. Thanks to all of you who offered suggestions and advice, this forum has truly been a lifesaver for us.">ät=Genas-paradise.jpgät=IMG_0004.jpgät=IMG_0006.jpgät=IMG_0013.jpgät=IMG_0027.jpgät=IMG_0040.jpgät=IMG_0042.jpgät=IMG_0044.jpgät=IMG_0046.jpgät=IMG_0050.jpgät=IMG_0052.jpgät=IMG_0054.jpgät=IMG_0056.jpgät=IMG_0064.jpgät=IMG_0077.jpgät=IMG_0073.jpgät=IMG_0088.jpgät=IMG_0096.jpgät=IMG_0101.jpgät=IMG_0103.jpg

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Okay...still not smart enough to post actual photos to this forum. Thanks anyway rice_rocket for trying to help me through it. Obviously, it is beyond my scope of comprehension! LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: pool build

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Brain, I feel as you do, that it shouldn't be so difficult to post a photo in sites such as this. One shold be alb to simply cut and paste

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Here you go:

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Great pool and setting and what a pretty lil baby giraffe you've got there!

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What kind of coping/decking is that? It is really nice!

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THANK YOU CNR for posting my pictures. I just hate to admit that I wasn't smart enough to do it after multiple attempts! I'm glad there are computer savvy people like you out there to help me along! :)

srbami- the coping/decking is Kool Decking which is concrete with a substance applied to the top to keep down the temp. It works great and I have to admit was a lot less expensive than the rock coping I really wanted! After all was said and done, I was VERY happy with my decision as I had more money left to put on the cabana.

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