Wknd. Project: Ombre' Chairs

ttoddMay 20, 2012

Our hand me down DR table and chairs have been in dire need of major refinishing for yrs. I was tired of the kids picking the veneeer off of the table and/ or getting stuck on the chairs so I decided to put to use stuff I had around the house and take the DR table and chairs to our shop for storage until DH gets around to refinishing them some yr.

I decided to make it fun and inject some color by painting each chair a different color pulled from the antique landscape lithopraphs hanging in the DR so they are a range of pale green blue to a navy blue. The DR walls (except for the chalkboard wall) are all bright white and the lithographs are all in gold frames. I scavenged all but 1 chair from the basement and DH had an extra chair at work that the owner didn't want.

The middle chair is actually a pale blue grey that DH did w/ left over paint from one of his jobs. It looks really washed out in the pic. I am looking for 1 more chair to do and in the end the 2 end chairs will be white slipcovered parsons chairs while all of the painted ones will be on the sides. I need to get 1 more can of paint for the first chair because it sucked up so much paint. As usual I was in a rush to get to the end product and I didn't prime.

You may remember the DR table that I found in our alley one night that someone put out for trash. I was going to paint it but I think I'm just going to clean it up and leave it as is. DH repaired the bases for me and brought them home last weekend.

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Chairs look great and I hope you will post a picture once the table is set up with the chairs. I have a very nice dining room table, sort of craftsman. I have to cover it with a table cloth when we have guests because I don't want it damaged. I wish I had picked out a table that was more farm house, rough so that I could just set the dishes right on it and any damage would add to the patina. Maybe your "found" table will be like that - no pretenses, just a nice table used for friends and family.

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Thanks Powermuffin!

I really like the antique table that we have but it is so beat up that I have to cover it w/ a table cloth. I'm looking forward to having a nice but not 'so perfect' table that I can just use a runner and/or placemats on. I love to see the wood of a table.

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