Pls post pics of your tanning/baja ledge

PoolMD123September 8, 2012


We want to get a tanning ledge but want some ideas. We want it for the kids to play on. Not sure if it should be right at the enterance for the pool in the shallow end, off to the side or a "bump out" on the side. Any pics and tips are appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi, here's ours. Something to consider: you'll probably have your pool a lot longer than you'll want the ledge. We put one in b/c we wanted a spot for our then 4 year old to play, 2 summers later, we're already wishing we had that space for swimming! Were we to do it aagain, we'd probably do a "bump out". Our pool is small-ish, so that likely has something to with it, but just my 2 cents. Good luck with your planning!

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Thank you! I was wondering that. We have two very young kids but I can't decide. Or would I put a chair in there and use it? I'm not sure. Beautiful pool!

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Our kids are grown and no grandchildren as of yet but we wanted one for the future! We didn't want to take up swim space so we did a "bump out" as you called it.

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Here is ours. The first two years, I was disappointed in its size. Much smaller than I thought it would be. While I cannot put a lounger on it, which is what I thought I would do, I have not had the inclination to do so. It has been great for my young niece and our bid dog loves to swim and he hangs out there a lot in summer. Our pool is boot shaped and it is in the toe of the boot.

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Here is a pic of my tanning ledge�ok, ok, so it isnt exactly what you are looking for, but my two cents. Water is about 24" deep and pretty much ideal for any kid under age 5 because they can stand in there and play. My nephew is 5, and he is just barely tall enough to stand in the 3' deep end of my parents pool. Our little boy absolutely loves our mini-pool because he can run around. The second best thing is that I stick those plastic adirondack chairs in there, and it is absolutely perfect. Water depth hits dead on the arms of the chairs, so it is ideal for sitting and having a drink and a nice place to put it, while watching the kiddies run around. When our kids are old enough and we put in a big pool, I absolutely will have a similar space.

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Thanks everyone! We ended up not getting it. It was smaller than we thought when we laid it out but it still took up a good part of our shallow end. Cabogirl-That is a lot of retaining wall! We are facing a similar challenge but not quite as much as yours. It is so insanely expensive to retain this hill!

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