newbies-gunite pool in md-need any help i can get

PoolMD123September 8, 2012

Copied the subject from someone else but same story here. In Maryland.

My husband and I are in the final phases are meeting with PB's to install a gunite pool here in MD. Here are the specs so far. Please comment on any and all. We are totally new to pool building and have researched a lot but still are so unsure!

15 ft x 30 ft Grecian concrete (450 sq ft)

Depth: 3 ft to 7 ft (want to jump in but no diving board-is this too shallow for just jumping IYO?)

3 hrs of Grading

Dug with Bobcat as to not disturb the neighbors yard as much as possible

Drymix Gunite Concrete

12" Brick coping

6" water line frost free tile

2 coats white plaster

4 concrete steps in pool

5 ft (tbd) tanning shelf with 2 bubblers and umbrella hole (extra $1700-why would a tanning shelf be extra-isn�t it less excavating and same amt or less of concrete?)

3 ft inside Swim out/bench in deep end

Jandy CL cartridge filter

Jandy Plus 1.5 HP pool pump

Jandy Aqua Pure salt 1601

Aquacal H120A heat pump heater

1 regular (not LED) light

Anchor Industries Solid pool cover ($2600)

Dual Main Drain

2 return lines

Area drain

Linear drain

Equipotential grid ($950??)

450 sq ft Broom Finish concrete decking

Mesa Style retaining wing walls (30 sq ft)

30" high raised bond beam tile faced ($1875 for it to be stone)

3 ft Jandy Sheer Descent

50 ft of Delgard black aluminum fence with one gate 54"

Plans, plumbing, permits, layout, rain damage, cleaning kit, electrical work, start up chemicals, one pool closing and one opening, etc included

1. What type of heating system do you feel works the best in MD (propane or heat pump) to keep the pool warm enough to swim everyday and in the evening from May to end of Sept (hopefully)? I understand the costs of each but which one do you like?

2. We have a hill and 2 PB's said we need a bond beam AND retaining wall and 2 said we only need a bond beam. Should we be concerned about this?

3. Any other ideas or thought you might have are very much welcome.

Thanks for any and all thoughts.

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If a sun shelf is done right, it can easily eat up a ton more gunite than regular pool floor. The shelf should be dug to below the frost line and filled in solid from there up. Otherwise you could easily have water freeze/thaw under the shelf and cause issues.

1. I am installing a heat pump on mine... but I have no real-world experience yet on this. Gas/propane will heat faster and earlier/later in the season. But will cost more.

2. I would just recommend that you insist that it is all on the engineering drawings and not just "off-the-cuff" by the PB. That way an engineer signs off on the whole thing.

I'd really recommend the LED light. Add a second one if you want to be sure to get full coverage. An LED light draws about 30 watts... as opposed to a regular light that is hundreds of watts. I had 3 LED lights installed. Will not have them on for a while yet, but I would not go with anything other than 12V LED pool light.

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Thanks jscozz! Silly question but will it cost me more to have the engineer drawings done? Are they already done by the PB and they usually just don't show the customers?

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