Brownstone coping?

jscozzSeptember 10, 2012

Has anyone ever used brownstone coping? I can't find any examples of it on Google or any forum. I would love to see some pictures... and find out whether it will hold up well on a salt water pool.

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Has anyone ever used this? I am finding it hard to find anything about it online... or it's suitability for coping on a salt water pool. I have been told it is a hard stone like bluestone... I'd love to hear from anyone who has used it anywhere in your yard.

Here is a picture... top is EP Henry Pewter Gray paver that we are using for deck... next down is three coping samples... left is bluestone and right two are brownstone. Next is two tile choices we are looking at... and then the diamondbrite pieces below that.

We are leaning toward the left tile and the left diamondbrite (french gray).

It looks like the bluestone is too close to the paver gray... looks like we tried to match but it did not work. The brownstone adds a slightly different shade to contrast (may be too much contrast?). It has a "thermal" textured surface so it will not be slippery.

We need to decide on a rough pool edge (as pictured) or top edge half bullnose or full bullnose on pool side. Does anyone have the rough edge on their coping? We like the look, but is it too rough on legs when sitting or getting in or out? How about half bullnose? It costs more for full bullnose, but I almost think half would look unfinished. I have not been able to find any pictures of half bullnose coping.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Both stones look pretty thick. The brown looks to be grainy. That can be a problem a erosion is more likely, especially if you are in an area where there are pretty substantial temperature changes.

Take a nail and scratch the surface. If it leaves a white line where scratched, I would pass.


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