small hole in plaster-can it leak

michelle16September 25, 2010

My pool was plastered in May, I went swimming today and just noticed a small hole(size of dime) in plaster at bottom of deep end-my husband says it has been there from beg.(i said thanks for telling me-LOL!!) anyway, do you think this can be patched-since water is in the pool, or should I just leave it? I just don't want it to eventually leak? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks, Michelle

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can u see the concrete pool shell?

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Domingos- no, I have a pebble bottom, and I can still see the pebbles in the hole-don't think it's all the way thru, what do ya think??

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I'm curious about this too. I noticed a hole in my pebble plaster as well. Looks like a spike mark that didn't get filled properly. Can it be fixed? What's the risk?

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