Why cloudy water??

joanneswimsctSeptember 11, 2010

Hi all!

We have a 20X38 vinyl pool w/ Hayward pump and DE filter. We just took apart the filter to really clean the grids as we weren't happy w/ our results just backwashing. My husband noted huge clumps of DE in the grids; after backwashing we were told to just gently pour the DE into the skimmer dry. I read on this forum not long ago that making a slurry vs pouring in dry DE was better for the filter so that's what we did this last time. Since then, every time the pump stops for the night, the basket that sits in front of the pump fills w/ cloudy water which looks suspiciously like the DE slurry. I also noticed that after the pool settles over night, there is a tannish-white dusty like substance that collects in all of the crevices of the pool floor and hopper by morning. I vacuumed it up but am worried that it is DE and will keep settling on the floor. Your thoughts??

Thanks as always!!!


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What you are describing, DE in the pool is coming from your DE filter. You need to re-inspect your grids, the top collector mainfold, o-ring on the standpipe and look for defects (cracks, breaks, etc.) Vacuuming up the DE is good but it will keep coming back into the pool until you fix the problem. One possibility is that you may have added too much DE for you filter size and you may need to backwash some DE out of your filter. Remember never add DE in backwash mode, it could destroy your grids.

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Additional note: The amount of fresh DE added after a backwash should be less than the amount used with a new or freshly cleaned grid assembly. Backwashing doesn't get all the old DE out. After a backwash of a properly maintained grid, I use about 75 to 80% of the called for DE.


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Perhaps TO but it might be noted in passing that the addition of Ph Up or the like causes temporarily cloudiness

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If the pump basket is filling with cloudy water, then you have a small seal leak in your system somewhere. When pump shuts off the water settles out of the filter into the pump basket and probably out the maindrains into the pool.
Since you just cleaned the filter I check the filter O-ring, and make sure the air bleed is clean and not leaking air.

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Hey just-a-pb
Now that you mention it, there was a ton of air in that basket this am when the pump turned on. I had to bleed it out of the system and I can still hear air burbling around; very noisy. Will check that out; thanks!!!

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