River Rok - Blue Opal?

cnr1089September 7, 2010

Anyone have pools with River Rok Blue Opal (or Baha Sand for that matter)? If so, can you point me to a thread with a pic, or post the pic.

We are trying to see some in person, but any pictures of existing pools will help.

I am interested in both how it look sin the deep end and how it looks only a few inches under water.

We are choosing between Harbor Grey, Baha Sand, and Blue Opal and need to make our choice within the next week.


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Some members on this forum who have used River Rok:

poolinar - Blue Opal

lemonspinner - Harbor Grey

sgregor - Baha Sand (initially she had selected Blue Opal, but then later changed to Baha)

hawkfive - Granite - it has a lite grey background, with black, dk/lt brown, and white stones. Water is a lighter blue with hints of green, especially in the afternoon - reminds me of the Caribbean! The pictures on the SGM website do not do it justice - take a look at mine:



Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the matrix of who used what! For all the things I have found about River Rok on here, many times it was hard to follow what the final choice was.

I love the color of your pool, although my wife is afraid of any green (I like a little green). I am a big fan of the Caribbean look!


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Oh, forgot another member - syntagma - she has Baha Sand, which looks very blue - pretty.

My husband was like your wife - no green - but in the end, he really loves how ours turned out.

I may have some pics of Harbor Grey that I picked up along the way - if I do, I'll post them for you.

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Those with Baha Sand, can you see things at the bottom of the deep end? Many of the online pictures look as if you are looking into a lake (where you can't see down 5 feet).

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The pool looks great!!!!...

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We probably need to make this decision in the next 2 days and I am still clueless. We may just go with Harbor Gray, since that is the only color we saw in person...

Argh! Why can't SGM have pool pictures online! I have only seen 2 pictures of Opal Blue anywhere and they both look completely different. Baha Sand looks nice, but very dark.

We may just pick at random (I was hoping that the people doing the River Rok would have some in stock and some not, but unfortunately that is not the case)...Argh!

Right now, my biggest worry about Blue Opal is the steps will look very blue. I like the "beach sand" look that Harbor Gray gives to very shallow water.

We are contemplating having Harbor Gray steps and blue opal bottom, but I don't know if that is going to look jarring!

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I have two pics of blue opal that the rep from sgm emailed me last week. i just have to figure out how to post them for you. its really pretty but seems a lot lighter than baha sand. how do i post pics?

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I am leaning towards Baha Sand now, but seeing Blue Opal would be nice. I put pictures on flickr linked to them here.

If you just put the link in here, I can put it in (you have to use the html img tag, which I don't know how to describe without having it try to actually use the tag).


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I haven't seen any in person, but am loving the baja sand too! the photos from sgregor (Cincinatti pool build) are beautiful and don't seem too dark at all. Good luck with your decision, let us know what you decide.

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I just re-read my post and realized that it made no sense. Let me try this again:

Would love to see Blue Opal, but I am now leaning towards Baha Sand (actually, one of the pool workers said blue opal can look very bright blue).

As for posting pictures, I do that by putting them on flickr, grabbing the link, and using the "img" tag (<img src="http://thelinktotheimage/image.jpb" >) to have them show up inline.

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I have some blue Opal pictures but not sure how to put them on this website. I finished my pool in March.

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miket64: I'd love to see your blue opal pictures but I don't know how to post them here either...can you email them to me at mgiarrat@yahoo.com?

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Does anyone have any pictures of Blue Opal or Pebble Beach?

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I just had a free form pool done in a 7:3 blue/black river roc and it came out a perfect color of dark blue. No green at all. Not too dark but not too light.

Ron Ungar

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