Pics please of deep crown moldings on lower LR ceilings

peegeeMay 14, 2011

--especially on walls with deeper color...I put up a border in my living room and hallway some years back when I bought my house, and painted walls and border an off-white. Never went back and painted it like the ceiling as planned. I am ready now to add deeper color to the walls, and wanted to paint the borders - which are like a frieze - the same white as the ceiling this time, with a small crown trim at the top and a tiny molding at the bottom. The embossed vinyl paintable border is 7" deep, and the ceilings only 7' 7.5" high. However, I recently read that extending the ceiling color down the walls visually lowers the ceiling. That could be a problem!!! I would love to hear what others think, and esp. to see photos of low/lowish ceilings with wide white trim or white borders....Thanks!!!! Penny G.

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Not sure if this is what you mean, but here's a pic of our bedroom. The ceilings are 8 ft.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes! - Thank you - funny, I ran into that photo of your room somewhere on this forum this morning and spent quite some time admiring your beautiful border/trim design !!! It looks really, really nice! Your ceilings ARE higher than mine, however - do you think I am needlessly concerned? I might add that although hoping to get feedback, part of me has to decide if I *care* all that much if the ceilings may look lower if I really like the effect that I'm going after...hmmm. The other pause for concern is that although I normally go for what I like, this hopefully is not my forever home, so I do tend to sort of keep that in mind. A little. !

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Peegee, have you looked in our Gallery? There is a link to the Gallery on the main page center bottom, and another top-ish right. In the Gallery you will find many threads on different rooms filled with hundreds of gorgeous inspiration pictures.

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Well, I am short, so I don't notice how low the ceilings are in my house. If you or anyone who lives there is tall, they might feel boxed in. Why do you want to bring the ceiling color down on the walls?

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Sashasmommy; I love deep crown moldings and fancy trim and details - like tin ceilings, Lincrusta, etc., but live in a small I added that paintable border years back, which has an elegant repeating motif. It's the same material of the paintable tin-ceiling design wallpaper (which I have elsewhere) and of the beadboard paper that some GW's have used and posted the pictures....Anyway, I thought the look would be neat without giant crown which might not look right in my small rooms, IMO. The border, set off by (future) small, low profile moldings, might fit better and would help tie in the rather impossibly fancy ceiling medallion under a fairly simple-lined alabaster fixture. I was all set until I read that part about the ceiling color extending down the walls visually lowers the ceiling....I'm glad you don't feel boxed in, and I am short, but still it's giving me pause - I don't want visitors to feel boxed in, either!!
Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm hoping some others might still weigh in on this, too. perhaps I worded the question wrong - i'm still fairly new at posting questions!!

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Oceanna - I have only recently discovered the Gallery and have started looking around - it's great - but none of my searches so far pertaining to this issue have been successful. At any rate, I was also really hoping for opinions and feedback - maybe I'll try again in the future. I'm still exploring my options and have time to make decisions. I have time to browse around the Gallery more, too! Thanks!! - Penny

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Can you take a picture and try photoshopping what you want to do? I think the ceiling coming down visually is more of a problem if the ceiling is dark.

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Well, I'm wondering if you can do a different color on the border, that way you don't have the ceiling color coming down the walls. That might help make it less low-feeling.

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Wow - that's an interesting idea - hadn't thought of that at all!! Maybe a much lighter version of the wall color????? This is why I love GW!!
Anybody have anything like this??? Sashasmommy - thank you!!!

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I think a lighter version of the wall color could look great!

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In my small room with ceilings at 7'10" I want to do one band of wood trim down around the height of the top of the windows and doors. Then I want to paint that area up to the ceiling the same color as the ceiling and the trim the color of the rest of the trim in the room. I read that that brings the ceiling up but I haven't tried it so can't attest to that. Just another idea to think about.

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Any chance you could post a pic? Unfortunately, we have 7' ceilings in our second floor BRs. I love crown, but have always thought it would make the rooms appear smaller, as well as making the ceiling appear even lower than they are already. DH & I are both fairly tall which make the 7' ceilings feel even lower to us. We have also painted the ceilings the same color as the walls in an effort to avoid drawing the eye to the low ceilings.

I do like sasha's room pic, but that is a foot higher than my 2nd floor ceilings, and I haven't been in her room IRL either. I think alot depends on the other components of your room - furniture, etc. So, would love to see a pic of your room if you are able to post one!

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Wish I had a pic but currently there is not much to see. Beigy-creme walls with no trim, low white smooth ceilings, 2 small windows, golden narrow oak floors in a very small LR. The embossed vinyl border would not show up - it's currently painted the same color as the walls. Furniture is an antique round oak table and chairs and ant. oak china cab which will be moving into my back room currently serving as my den. A real lot of oak furniture from around my house will be shoe-horned into this dark north and east corner room, and I suspect most people on this forum will be quite appalled: my antique oak platform morris rocker and ottoman, oak mission-look glider and ottoman, ant. golden oak Hale 6 section bookcase, large ant. oak sliding door bookcase, vintage oak file cab, oak hoosier with porcelain top, with old oak swivel office chair, 1912 mission oak convertible leather loveseat, very small black new electric fake stove/fireplace whatever, and largish (in my room!!) TV prominently featured on a (for now) newer oak bookcase. All on a large-for-my-room 1930 dark dark dark american oriental rug. (was going to use my red and beige wool patterned rug when my plan for a different new rug fell through: the red rug would show a lot of the pretty golden oak flooring, but 1. it is on the small side. 2. I really think I want to do a light terra cotta type color on the walls, 3. I have loved the dark colbalt and many other colors in this old wool rug I've owned for many years and 4. it's VINTAGE like the bulk of the items that will be in the room. To me that makes it the best fit. Even though it *will* suck the light out of the room. sigh.
(BTW Work in progress, I must say, my upstairs is lower than 7 foot, and the walls, ceiling and all trim is painted the same creamy off-white. The floors I had carpeted in a very sturdy dense, very low pile carpet cut into like a tin-ceiling design, in the same color as the walls etc. which makes the upstairs look serene and so much bigger than it did before)
SO - what I have decided is that although I think Sashasmommy's idea of another color on the top of the wall, and/or the idea of a lighter version of the wall color on top is interesting, either will introduce a third element, and especially with all the furniture I plan to stuff in the room, that's too much.
I either need to bring the white color down (and Katrina Ellen - I heard the opposite - that it may LOWER the ceiling - which is why I wanted to hear from other's experience in the first place) - OR I could still add my moldings but paint them and the wall border the color of the wall up to the ceiling.
Frankly Katrina E I hope you are right, as that was my original plan. Only my lower molding will be about 4 or 5 inches above the windows. Actually, it won't be below much if at all as I plan to put another board atop my windows.
I hope your plan works for you!!!!

Oh - in case people want to know why I would want to stuff my room: I want my favorite things to provide me with comfort and to function in my room: comfy chair (morris), TV, office/computer space (hoosier) which will provide a work surface and hidden areas to contain bills and papers, shredder, etc., file cab for files and lamp, barrister bookcase for my books, oak slider for displaying antiques, glider and leather couch for company, (and extra bed as needed, electric fake fireplace for extra heat in winter and to provide lamp and table space for the glider chair) and so forth.

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peegee, I got that idea from Sarah Susanka's book, the not so big house. I don't know if you have ever read any of her books - most libraries have them - but she had some good ideas on small homes.

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Seeing a pic would make a huge difference in offering advice.
Can you post a pic of the wall and what the border looks like?

If I'm visualizing it correctly, I wouldn't add another horizontal line to a ceiling that low, nor would I paint the border the same color as the ceiling....... especially in a room with a lot of furniture. I would either remove the border or paint it the same color as the wall. The texture of the border may still give you the look you prefer.

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