outside spa water system idea to run by you

suz1023September 7, 2011

i'm ready to buy a hot tub and think i have a great idea.

we live in snow country and our water line runs under the road from our spring box up the hill.

we keep a pipe dripping outside all winter to prevent the lines from freezing.

i'd like to build the hot tub under the dripping pipe and run a drip out the bottom; giving me a never ending supply of clean fresh water into the spa. won't this keep the spa cleaner longer?

it's a wood snorkel tub, heated by a woodstove insert.


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You really cant treat a spa like a fresh water source.
You will need to chlorinate and maintain proper PH to keep it a healthy place to relax.

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Hot water chemistry is a bit different in that some things happen faster. Chlorine demand is increased so bromine, being a little more stable and still sanitizes some when combined, is frequently used.

Continually changing the water will make it nearly impossible to maintain it properly. The pH, alk and sanitizer levels will change. The tub will slime up.


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