Need Expert Plaster Finish Advise for new pool!

bird.nerdSeptember 15, 2011

Just finalized NEW pool shape and placement in extensive remodel of my long time family home.

I am a total pool novice and I am utterly bamboozled by all the pool finish choices.

The pool is a formal design that fits into an area adjacent to a formal herb and flower garden (that was once my mother's pride and joy).

Main pool area is 14' wide x 30' long then an in-pool sitting/spa area at end that adds another 8 feet. It will be a salt water pool. We are using travertine pavers and coping, mixed with (new) old brick planters with the same travertine coping on planters (built at end to flank in pool sitting area)... Travertine will be sealed due to salt.

I desire the smoothest finishes and liked the idea of durazzo and hydrazzo but there are no pools we can find in the area (or finish colors we like) to look at the real water color and finish. It was almost impossible to get a true look at water color for any product.

Water color is very I am seeking any advise possible. We want a deep blue pool (with a very smooth finish) but do not want it to look like a pond on a cloudy day (thus steering away from dark slate or black).

Now I've gotten myself totally confused looking at Beadcrete, StoneScapes and

etc. I am leery of products that will contain shells or become rough over time.

PB is doing further research to try to find pools for me to see. I am willing to drive a long way. He is highly recommended (and has built many gorgeous gunite pools that we have seen) in our rural area but does a lot of pebble tec type which seems too rough for me.

I am looking for guidance on finishes with excellent durability, warranty, color brilliance and smoothness. (I realize it will cost more).

Pool pictures from anyone with durazzo "cobalt coast" and "sea stone" would help me a ton! General advise on pool finishes and recommendations would be most appreciated.

This site as been invaluable with great knowledge as we finally start to realize our dream!

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Given what sounds to be a formal setting and not wanting the "pond look" on cloudy days I thing a 100% white quartz finish would be ideal. The surface would be white and could be polished providing the smoothest finish. Polishing done correctly with a water driven polish unit, not sanding pads hooked to a weed wacker. The polish part alone should take 5-6 hours. Just my opinion though.

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