Travertine Decking

Ramp123September 12, 2012

Just installed travertine decking around our pool. Does anyone know if you have to use a certain kind of sealer for salt water? I would like to enhance the color slightly and seal it also. I know there is a enhancer/sealer, but I don't know if I have to use a specific sealer for a salt water pool.

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Had mine installed two years ago, unsealed with swg and no issues.I have researched this and dont think it's a mandatory thing. Once you seal you need to keep doing it, something I didnt want to do.

Fwiw, my coping is also travertine.

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Would either of you have pictures of your travertine? I'm about to get new coping and have been given a choice of 2 shades - one is more traditional/beige, and the other, which I want to get, is called silver. It's more gray, but still seems to have streaks of brown, beige tones.

I'd have loved to get something really gray, like bluestone, but I just don't want to spend the money, and I really prefer to get a natural stone rather than pavers.

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6 years so far, no sealer. Salt pool. Never sealed and all is well.

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Beautiful. Thank you.

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The only reason I would seal it is to enhance it.
Down side to enhancing sealers is it is shiny, will make it more slick, will have to be redone every so many years.
Will make paths. Areas where you come out of your house often will get more wear and take the sheen away faster and be very noticeable after a period of time.
You have a virtually maintenance free product, why mess with it.

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travertine rarely is affected by salt, however it can happen. Softer stone, such as flagstone, is definitely more prone to it.

DuPont and 3M both make salt resistant sealers for natural stone, but due to the constant maintenance/upkeep of sealers, I wouldn't seal it unless (like just-a-pb said) it was to enhance the color if I felt like I picked the "wrong" color and couldn't live with it the way it is.

Like many things, every pool is different. A pool with 5 kids and 2 labradors is going to have much more salt residue left on the deck at the entry steps than a pool owned by two older adults.

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As soon as I learn how to upload pictures, I will post them. In the meantime thanks for all your advice.
We picked the lightest of all the travertine finishes, and find that in the sunlight, it is extremely white looking. I would recommend getting a darker shade.

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Another question on travertine decking... Did anyone have a problem with the oils in suntan lotion staining the travetine?

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I have no problems whatsoever with staining and there is 4-5 careless girls doing all sorts of things on a regular basis. Fear not, best choice I made and I have about 3,000 square feet of it.

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We had ours sealed as recommended by our builder. Travertine is porous and we were concerned about spilled wine, etc.

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Another issue with sealing is making it slippery.
Travertine naturally is slip resistant against skin when wet.
When you seal it, you can lose that property.

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