Help with a change - what to do insteadmofma closet?

FamCookApril 12, 2014

So my kitchen layout is all changed from this original plan I have here, but I need this print to show you the closet all the way to the right of the kitchen. The closet with two doors. Well, that L shaped wall in front of the closet is not going to be there anymore and our GC thinks we should do something different. There will be a post in the corner where the L used to be, but i agree now that the walls are knocked down, and the little L wall won't be there, it needs something else. We have more than enough closet space, but any ideas on what to do there? Someone suggested a homework area, but I don't know.

For background, we have five kids under 9 and eat almost every meal at home. We have guests over a lot, because who invites over people with five kids? :)

I'll try and post the layout we went with for the kitchen, too. Thanks!

Edited to correct post title typo, but can't figure that out. Of course, I only proofread the post, not the title. Yikes . . .

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Here is the kitchen layout we chose. We made some minors adjustments, but overall super excited about this. Cabinets ordered and everything.

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I can relate to the number of kids, I've got 4 under the age of 7.

Where on layout 2 is the L wall that is coming out?

How big will the space be without the wall there?

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In layout #2 that buehl created for our kitchen it shows the L wall as a 12" wall, but in reality it will be a post and the opening will be larger than 48". I'm not sure exactly what it will be, but it's the opening in the first picture but with the post instead. Does that make sense?

Thanks Texas Gem!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Taking out the wall and leaving a beam will be a bit odd as it will still interrupt the space making it less useful. Make sure you trim it out so it's beefy enough ... you may consider running trim molding in such a way that it adds to the architecture of the space.

I think the idea of a mail station/desk area would be good. We have one in our kitchen and it gets used all the time. The mail, the bills, pens, paper, grocery fliers, etc all go there. The wall behind is a bulletin board. We use stools to sit at the desk area and they are helpful for reaching upper cabinets or pulling up to the island for more seating. Underneath is a waste basket for "mixed news" recycling.

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I was thinking the same thing as Annie, I would have a mail station. I would also keep art supplies and extra school supplies there and have a charging station because you know as the kids get older they will each have a phone/tablet that will need to be charged.

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Thanks Annie and Texas - it is a large area. The closet in the plan is 6' wide, would you do the entire thing a desk or maybe a built in with uppers or shelves? Just can't figure it out.

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I would do a built in desk with the upper being open shelves, but that's just me.
I picture the bottom having a pull out trash and some drawers for small office supplies, the countertop above it being a landing place for mail, having a charging station and maybe a wireless printer so you can print from any room in the house and the top being open shelves with bins of art supplies, etc.

Of course I'm probably picturing that because I am doing virtually the exact same thing in my mudroom. Lol

I am planning it that way because with a large family, clutter (mail, phones, supplies) builds up fast and kids are always going to need/want art and/or school supplies. It is our central station.

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Thanks again. I like the idea of a desk, but I was planning a drop area near the garage mudroom, so if anyone has any ideas for anything other than a desk? I just don't want to do a desk area and then wish we had thought of something else.


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What about a wet bar or beverage station? I put one in so I could have a dedicated place for my coffee maker and espresso maker.

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Good idea, we don't have a coffee maker, but my DH would love a kegerator!

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You could do a beverage center with fridge drawers. The fridge drawers can be stocked with drinks and healthy snacks for kids and used differently when entertaining.

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I was thinking what if I did a desk area with some file cabinets, etc and then had a small frig that could fit too, that way for parties it could be used for drinks, ice, glasses but still used daily for homework, art projects and sewing projects if I want to bring my sewing machine upstairs. Hmmmmm . . . I have lots of ideas now!

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I thought I'd give an update here . . .

I happen to come across a 9' black granite top on craigslist for $200. It's brand new, some older folks purchased it for a cabin and are moving now, and I was the first to respond. Lots of people tried to talk them out of selling it to me. Glad it worked out. DH and 2 great nephews moved it last night.

Our GC had said the spot was going to end up 9'1", but he's just going to make sure it ends up so that will fit. We are going to do it desk height and add some lowers cabinets for support and use.

I think it will be awesome and so useful!

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