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gpraceman55April 29, 2013

We will be doing a major kitchen remodel soon and I wanted to get some feedback on a new lighting layout. I really hate our current layout as it is so dark overall.

Attached is what I have worked out. It basically means starting from scratch. I want there to be plenty of light, but not overdo it.

General Lighting - eight 6" cans
Sink - one 4" can
Kitchen Table - one large pendant light
Island - two small pendant lights and a vent hood with its own lights
Under Cabinet - LED strips

The 6" cans are spaced about 4.5 ft apart. The old layout had far fewer cans and they were centered over the front edges of the counter tops. I moved them out a foot past the counter top edges to better light up the walkway but also provide some lighting into the cabinets.

The kitchen is 13.5 ft x 19 ft. The ceiling is just shy of 9 ft.

Any feedback on the layout and size of fixtures would be appreciated.

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I'm into lighting for our reno right now too. It's a pretty demanding topic. Your kitchen has a nice window and I see natural side light too. Is seems you have done a nice layout lighting wise between the cans, pendants and under cabinet lighting.

I understand your pulling out the recessed lights to offer light into your cabinets. What light will you be using then, as led tends to be non-diffusing in nature?

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The back of our house faces West, so we do get a lot of afternoon sun. At night, though, the kitchen is dreadfully dark.

I was just planning on using regular incandescent flood lights. LED bulbs still have a ways to go, IMO, to being more affordable and dependable. CFL's have the annoying delay before they are at full brightness.

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Holly- Kay

It looks like you will have plenty of light with that lighting plan. You really did a nice job with spacing and the thought that you put into it.

I love having a lot of light when I am working in the kitchen and I am adding several more cans and a pendant over the sink and one over my island.

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Thanks for the feedback. I went through a few design iterations before settling on this one.

I am not sure that I will install the 6" can close to the sink, since the sink will have its own light. I figure that I can leave an extra loop of wiring inside the ceiling, just in case it seems too dark in that section, and add a can.

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Now, after doing some reading on the Cree LED downlights, I may have to get one to test out. Seems everyone is very high on them. The initial outlay will sting with eight 6" cans and one 4" can, but maybe worth it utility bill-wise.

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Lighting plans are great to have, but you have to be ready to change them. Once I tore into the ceiling I had many obstacles to deal with (joists, vent ducts, piping, and cross braces), so I had to rework the lighting plan. All of the holes for the recessed lights have been cut into the ceiling. Now to get all of the wiring run. That will be the easy part, since we have an open joist system. Right now, the only working lights in the kitchen are above the sink and over the kitchen table.

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