Bluestar ranges at Costco?

olivesmomApril 6, 2013

Does anyone know if the 30" Bluestar ranges are still being sold at Canadian Costco warehouses, specifically the Burnaby location?

If they have them I'm thinking about driving up there (we live outside of Seattle) and picking one up. Just wondering how difficult that it will be to load and transport. We have a minivan, do you think it will fit? We could easily borrow a truck, but then I worry about customs. Will that be an issue (either exposed in a truck bed or in a minivan)?

Also, does anyone know how hot the oven doors get? I have an open kitchen and very young kids so it's a concern. Thanks!

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The ranges are on the costco canada website, why don't you call the store and inquire.

Willingdon (2.68 kilometers)
4500 Still Creek Dr
Burnaby, BC V5C 0E5
(604) 296-5100

Burnaby (4.05 kilometers)
3550 Brighton Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5A 4W3
(604) 444-9600

As far as customs goes, I doubt they will care as long as you declare it and are willing to pay duty on it. Lots of canadians purchase appliances in the states.

The stove I have right now has doors that get hot also, when my kids were little they learnt quickly to not touch the doors when the oven was on.

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There are tons of posts on the appliances forum about this, including US customers purchasing them in Canada. So a google search with "garden web" as a part of it, and you'll find more info than you want to know.

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I did google, thanks. Most of the threads were from a few years ago. Guess I didn't realize it was such a chore to ask fellow Costco shoppers in Canada if they've noticed bluestars on the warehouse floor lately.

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I've never seen one on the floor at the Costco stores I've been to here in Alberta. Just seen them on-line for order. I would call the stores and see if they have them in stock first.

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I shop at the Still Creek location and have never noticed any appliances on the floor at all. However, there may be an appliance booth (There are window covering and floor covering booths) that I just have never noticed. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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Do you have any friends in Canada? You might be best off having them order it for you and have it delivered to their place for you to then pick up.

They're HEAVY. And there's no difference between having it in the back of a pickup truck or in the back of a minivan in terms of being asked questions at the border. I trust you weren't thinking you might simply pass through back into the US with a giant 'thing' in the back of a minivan covered with a blanket? Big enough to house a couple grown men?

Frankly having it in a pickup truck where it can be easily accessed and inspected by your friendly Homeland Security folks might be your best bet for an easy homecoming.

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