Diamond in the rough - help needed for good layout

Mgoblue85April 27, 2013

Hello GWers,
I am in dire need of help with my kitchen design. This is a kitchen for one, but I do have fam and friends over for dinner quite often. Here are the issues (other than the obvious looks):

Almost everyone enters my house from the garage which leads to the kitchen via the mud room and there they remain (eagerly waiting for me to finish cooking so they can eat)

Kitchen isn't huge, but at 17x11 the space is not very well utilized. I want to remove the wall (likely load-bearing) between the kitchen (wall with fridge) and the DR so I can entertain and cook at the same time. The kitchen faces the front (west) of the house so I do not plan to move the windows - big window is 13" from floor, nor do I want to obscure for a better layout.

I do like the pantry space as ugly as it is in it's current state, so I would like that type of storage again. I plan for a CD fridge, 36" range top, DW, and double (or two single ovens. I don't need a prep sink as I can only use one sink at a time. I'm not big on a lot of uppers, but would like to have a pot rack, which I had previously and really liked.

With the wall removed I would like an island that is tighter towards the big window wall so I can keep traffic in front of the work area. I'm struggling with a good design that doesn't have the range top on the island, which I don't mind since I don't have, kids, pets, DH or anyone else to get in my way.

This is my forever house so I don't need to design for resale. House is a ranch so any venting can be direct through attic. As a point of reference, on the other side of the LR/DR is the FR. The door in the kitchen leads to the basement. I am not planning to change the layout of any other room.

I've included kitchen dimensions as well as photos of the current state. The wall (lower right) listed as 26" is really 28". The 38" doorway at the top right leads to mud room. The 35" doorway at the bottom right leads to DR. I welcome your ideas - THANKS!


Living/Dining/Kitchen/Mud &Laundry

Current - eek

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Hi, Mgoblue. Eleven feet is pretty narrow to accommodate an island and a trafficway channeling people in from the mudroom. How about moving the mudroom door east (up through part of the current pantry) to lead directly into the dining room outside the kitchen area? That way people wouldn't end directly in your kitchen and you would have the entire width of the current kitchen, including that north (left) wall, to work with.

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I have the basement stairs to contend with if I moved the door to the mudroom so I don't think I have any play with the door.

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Remove the pantry and closet along with wall you want to remove.....start with a U kitchen and the middle of the U is the sink wall. The dining room side gets a peninsula as one side of the U....decide where you want fridge/range/and sink-you have 3 good chunks for positions-76 in to left of big window....current sink wall[middle of U] and new side of U that can have depth with seating or storage on nonkitchen side. In the cleared floorspace you might get a small island or cart,but so much can be done with that peninsula side of the U as you have 200 in across,so extend the peninsula at least a third or half that distance,once the pantry is out. You can make a peninsula in that kind of space really perform/feel like an island. The continuous counters from a U would be nice and the cook will be "in" the U and guest/friends will have a free flowing space for their interactions. If you want a true "island" kitchen, [with less wall scape used],and a dbl island format, with pantry/closet removed-movement will occurr in more directions-it can work with careful planning. do you know about Houzz for inspiration pics? I'm seeing the old dining position in the middle as a kitchen position-a little tighter/leaner kitchen and the front area with large window for seating/social space....I don't think you want to reverse the positions for some reason. there are even more kitchen triangles you can create-you could make a galley "within" as well. I would take the pantry and closet off the graph paper and just look at all the ways to create your work and other areas.

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Thanks Herbflavor.

I think the stairwell is being confused with the pantry. The pantry is just on the other side of the fridge. In the drawing, the closet is behind the stairs that lead to the basement. The closet floor is only about 10" deep because of the stairs.

I don't want to flip the LR and Kitchen as I'd prefer to have the door to the basement and mud room in the kitchen versus LR. I'm trying to contain those pesky expenses as much as I can.

I will sketch out something using your ideas and make the stairs and doorways more identifiable.

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We had a kitchen somewhat like this in our last house. I would:
-Find a way to put the fridge and pantry in the corner you see as you enter from the mudroom. Wall ovens too.
-make a U-shape counter as others have suggested, starting at the big window and wrapping around to partially block the open-to-the-dining room wall. Make this an extra-deep countertop - three feet, with a nice overhang on the dining-room side.
-I know people like sinks in front of windows, but I might consider swapping the sink and the dishwasher so you have more work space next to the range (if it stays near its current location). If you don't do upper cabinets on the window wall, the sink wouldn't be too weird. Depends on your view out the window, maybe.
-put a bistro set or big bench in front of the window, so people have somewhere to hang out if you can't chase them into the dining room.

We loved that huge countertop with no appliances for all kinds of uses. Here's a picture of our kitchen. In our case, the garage and back door was off to the left, past the fridge. Picture is taken from the dining room.

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oh-stairs to basement is on left side --okay....172 inches available across space-take away 48 in for walking around at end...leaves 10 feet still for peninsula.....subtract 26 inches if extending from wall beyond the 26 in return.To the right of large window could also be pantry/microwave/coffee station/etc-all at reduced depth so not to "tunnel" around the window. I'd not rule out cooktop and hood on peninsula [or slide in range]because of the substantial space available-venting options there might be a needed assessment. Fridge on 72 in wall [left of small window] and perhaps large corner sink or a sink set up between small window and 76 in walls...lots of ways to configure sinks....sink could actually go on peninsula as well.

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Here is a recent post on a kitchen that is likely to be about 11 feet wide.
Ours is also 11 feet wide but couldn't figure out how to do this - but maybe it will work for you.


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If I got your figure right, I think you may have a small island in the middle and also a shallow peninsula on DR side maybe with seating to encourage people to move there.

Pantry, fridge and oven(s) can be in the corner b/w large window and mud room door. Then a counter like you have now for the sink, DW and cooktop. DW may go to the island or beside the cooktop depending on where you prefer to prep. Also oven(s) can be near the cooktop.

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being that the small side kitchen window is quite small, the one large window commands a sight line and if you want to place cabinetry that close to this window, at least avoid appliances and sink immediately on left and right of the window as much as possible. A sweep of reduced depth cabs and counter and some upper cabs with glass doors approaching this window on either side is a possibility for keeping some aesthetic with this sight line .....[from dining zone and living room] Be careful with choices around the window.

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