remember my bedroom project at weekend lake place?

gibby2015May 20, 2012

I first "joined in" here on the conversations side because I don't do much decorating but the conversations sounded a lot like me. I was poking around here though because I was going to upgrade one of the guest rooms at our "cabin". The cabin was originally more like a bland builders white home when we first got it 13 years ago. We've gradually changed things but overall it's an eclectic mix of old and new stuff - nothing that's very expensive.

As some people might recall I have lots of builders white, wallpaper and wallpaper borders. I had some extra time this winter and decided I would finally do something with one of these bedrooms. When I say I don't do much decorating I mean I rarely even paint a room. You'd be appalled at how many things I just never change if they're not worn out.

So anyway, I finally "finished" my bedroom project this weekend - waited until after boys golf weekend to put the new linens on the bed. Also replaced the dorky little pink boudoir lamp with some new ones and repainted the top of the little table as the old color didn't work with the new scheme. I got rid of the border and painted last February once I found a headboard and quilt that I liked.

Here's the before and after. The room is a small rectangle so this is really is about all that's in it. I THINK I'm inspired to do our master bedroom next winter.



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It looks great! You are definitely up for tackling the master bedroom!!!

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Gibby300, I LOVE the new headboard and the beautiful new rich wall color that makes the headboard pop! What headboard is that and what color did you paint the walls?

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What a warm and welcoming room! I love the colors in your quilt and how the wall color is perfect behind the bed. Yes, go for it and tackle that master bedroom!

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Love that color! Looks like what I just painted in my master bedroom!

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Thanks for your kind words. Lynn, the headboard is from Hillsdale - they seem to make a lot of metal headboards. I bought it at a local furniture store but I noticed they are all over the place online. I bought another Hillsdale metal headboard for a different bedroom that didn't have one. I think the white one is the Cherie model and the other one I got is called Bonita.

Being the type that is overwhelmed by too many choices, including paint colors, I ended up just picking a color I'd already used at home - BM Crisp Khaki. Held the quilt up to it, it looked good, done.

I think if I was retired and had more time I would get into doing this more. I kind of like painting - it's very gratifying when you're done.

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Gibby, what a marvelous transformation. It is warm and welcoming and cozy! Congratulations on a job well-done.

Oh, and I agree about the being retired...I can't wait. It is especially difficult now that DH is retired. I am so jealous!

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Nice! It's very warm and welcoming.

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