Anyone heard of Marbelite Pool Plaster

helouSeptember 10, 2012

Does anyone have this, or know anything about it? We're going to replaster our pool and using some people on a friend's recommendation. It seems like they they did a very good job with the tiles and the coping, but they used something called marbelite on the plaster - I'm not even sure if that's a brand name, or the style of the finish which is meant to look like marble.

I went to see my friend's pool and I found the "marble look" quite unatractive. It's not just that it's random and not uniform (as marble would be) but it doesn't look like marble at all - it looks like someone spilled paint or something here and there with no thought of how it will look.

Now I'm nervous about using these guys at all, even though the rest of the job looks good.

Any thoughts or experience to share?

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I am wondering if you are referring to Marbletite pool plaster. I believe this is a florida based company. We have the beach series Antigua and love it. Our pool builder here in Jacksonville uses it and we have seen about 6 pools that he did with this particular plaster. They make many types and colors. Our pool look is not uniform because the wife wanted it so as it gives it character. To make it look more uniform you just have to acid wash more and the pebbles will come out more uniform. No big deal because as the pool ages more pebbles will start showing giving it a more uniform look. Look at
Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pool build in Jacksonville, Fl

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Your pool is really beautiful. I've been looking into it and I think your "Marbelite" is not what my friend has. He's using "Marbelite" as a generic term for 2 colors of plaster used to create a marbled effect.

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