One down, eight to go...

loisflanMay 26, 2012

My first pineapple applique. I've got all nine pineapple bodies pieced, but cutting out all those leaves is a bit tedious. I bought some new fusible, just a little heavier than the feather weight and used it only around the circumference of the pineapple as Marsha suggested. I used steam and medium heat, as Meldy suggested. Worked great. Thanks so much.

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That's so pretty, Lois, A rainbow pineapple! Is that hand stitching?

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That is beautiful! I've done a lot of applique, so I truly appreciate the work that goes into it. I can't wait to see the final product.

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Love it! Nice job!

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Some hints:
Make an exact template for the ring or object to be appliqued - an easy way - trace the entire object, then cut out the middle. Trace exactly on the paper size of the fusible, but cut out 1/4" larger around the perimeter.
1 st Fuse the larger ring on the uncut object (pineapple). Cut the exact (final) shape out along the drawn line exactly thru the fabric, and fusible. Position all the pieces on the block in order then begin stitching.
Cutting the pineapple out after the 1st fusing seals the edges to prevent fraying.

This is gorgeous! I love using the blanket stitch for applique.

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Oh Lois, You have mastered the Pineapple! It's beautiful!!


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Bev, it's machine stitching. I'm afraid I don't have the patience for hand applique.

Wanda, I can't wait either, but it will be a while. The first one is always the hardest though.

Thanks, Teresa.

Marsha, I think I followed that technique exactly, except that I didn't use the negative of the shape. I copied the pattern onto an old manila file folder and used the positive. You are right about fusing first and cutting second. It does help with fraying. Sometimes when I'm stiching, I catch the edge of the fabric and that frays it a little, even with the fusible.

I have a comment on the pattern itself. I think the designer should have called for narrower strips for the pineapple braid. By the time I cut it, I lost most of the top and bottom colors. I guess I should have noticed that and adjusted. Every project is a learning experience. Oh, well, next time...

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Hi, Sharon. I was working on my reply when you posted. I am indeed the Pineapple Master. Can't wait to meet you in a couple weeks. This will be so much fun.

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I have a pineapple pattern, too, and have had it for a long time. I really need to pull it out of the drawer and work on it. You gave me some incentive.
Lovely pineapple block and good luck with all the others.
I hope you will post a picture when it is completed.
Fusible and machine stitching is the way to go in my book!


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Your pineapple block is screaming "Let's party!"

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"With our feet in the sand and a rum drink in our hand."
Move over Kate!

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Beautiful! I love the look of applique, just not doing it, so I will enjoy yours.


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Lois, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see the whole quilt.


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