Second Showing--should I make changes to my house?

gus5March 30, 2012

Our house has been on the market for 4 weeks and we are starting to have "second showings". I'm wondering if I should make my house look a little different for the second showing compared to when they saw it for the first visit. For example, we have a pub table that I keep a laptop on for the first showing and I'm thinking about changing that to a puzzle for the second showing. I'd love any thoughts about whether it matters that the house looks exactly the same each time and any suggestions if you think I should do changes. Thanks!

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As a buyer little changes like you describe would not make any difference to me. For me a second showing means that I am interested in the house and I am going to look for flaws that I missed and consider how the house fits my lifestyle.

Things I would do on a second visit -
* lift up area rugs to look for hidden damage
* open cupboard to look for sags or cracks
*look at the outside for the damage and condition of the paint
* Look at the condition of the fence
* Maybe open the electrical panel - if it is an old house
* Look in closets to carefully consider storage
* If the neighbors are out I would talk to them about the neighborhood

Minor issues would not discourage me, but if I opened a closet and everything fell out or if I saw serious damage it would make me rethink it.

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I agree with Melody: if they're coming back for a 2nd visit that means they got good vibes on visit #1 and they're going to look more closely at everything.

So I wouldn't spend time on the decorative details, I'd make sure it was clean, uncluttered, in good repair and felt spacious.

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I agree with the others. The second visit is to check out the house itself, not your decorating skills. Relax, make sure things are clean and neat, and let the buyers take it from there.

And may one of these second showings bring you a decent offer.

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Thanks so much for your feedback...that makes perfect sense! I appreciate it...and I'll try to clean out my vanity drawers and kitchen baking cupboard! They are some of the last areas I didn't get to when getting the house ready to go on the market!

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