Please help! New pool with suspected main drain clog

sudolgSeptember 5, 2013

Hi all,

I have a new gunite pool. 2 skimmers and a main drain. All have valves to shut off individually. I get no flow if I turn off just the skimmers leaving the main drain open. PB confirmed the issue and came out with a diver today to fix. They got some flow going but hardly any. I cannot run just the main drain or I'll starve the pump. They are trying to tell me now that the pump won't be able to pump just using the main drain because of some vortex nonsense. Can someone please confirm there is no reason a main drain alone shouldn't be able to supply enough water to the pump without starving it?

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What size is all your plumbing?

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I believe 2". All are same size piping. I can run each skimmer alone but not the main drains due to the clog.

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