CL budget chair re-do with Ralph Lauren ticking and a grain sack

My3dogsMay 7, 2013

I got a pair of these a few weeks ago for $25 total. They are almost 4 feet tall and very well built, but looked like a blah dining chair to me. I used a repro French burlap grain sack and Ralph Lauren âÂÂLilaâ ticking stripe that retailed for $48 a yard, but I paid next to nothing for.

I used Old Ochre chalk paint, and distressed and waxed it, but I need to even out the wax on the back caning a bit. The wood is nice, but is that dated fruitwood finish, and I needed the lighter color for my idea for the ticking. It wasnâÂÂt til too late that I found that the âÂÂLâ and the âÂÂEâ would be a bit covered, but I couldnâÂÂt change it then.

I put a layer of linen between the two layers of burlap so you would not be able to see through the chair back. The chairs are 20+ years old according to seller whose mother bought them then from a neighbor.

Les champs de ble = âÂÂwheat fieldsâ and La Beauce is a âÂÂnatural region in northern FranceâÂÂ



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Very very charming!!!

I can see those wonderful chairs on each side of a long white-painted console table in a foyer. (plus white painted lamps with bright red lampshades) LOL! :)

Another brillant project! :) You are SO very talented! :)

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If you're not careful, my dear, Restoration Hardware is going to hire you as their director of furniture design ...

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Amazing! You have a true gift!

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I am in awe of your talent and drive. Maybe it's time to go big with your own line of furniture. You do the design and let a manufacturer replicate it in volume.

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Another masterpiece!

I love the idea of using French burlap with the linen layer underneath.

I noticed you did not cut the welting fabric on the bias and it looks great. You distributed those stripes very well so they are balanced/symmetrical around the chair back.

I enjoy looking at all of your creations. What's the next project going to be?


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I'm so glad that you like it! This was a great chair that needed no repairs, so I could dive right in. I tried several of my stashed fabrics, but wasn't happy til I tried the grain sack, and then I knew I'd be able to use the RL fabric, too. Maybe I should do as teacats suggested and do the other one the same.

It's not like me to be trendy, but when I finished it, I liked the fact that I'd done something more current.

'Fun', the fun for me is in the doing, as fabrics really inspire me, and I liked the change from a bit of a stuffy chair to a rustic one.

Good eye, Laurie, on the welt! I also use far less fabric that way, by just cutting it straight, and wanted it this way to go better with the seat. I have several chairs lined up to play with, and it's supposed to be a rainy weekend. Can't wait!!

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my3, what kind of glue and glue gun do you use for your welting?

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Oh, much improved over the original! I have 10 Drexel chairs with cane backs that are 30 years old and much like this one, though the legs on mine are curved. Your results look wonderful!

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As usual - amazing!
You deserve a television show.
You could help return HGTV to its glory days!

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Beautiful, as always!

Although I marvel mostly at your amazing transformations, I also marvel at the deals you find.

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Your ability to foresee a look and then execute it is amazing. Beautiful job.

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I enjoy doing these so much, that it makes me happy to have you enjoy the transformations.

bronwynsmom, I use my regular old glue gun that I've had for years, but with the upholstery glue sticks I've linked below. They last a long time. I also use Beacon Magna-Tac 809 permanent adhesive; in fact, that is what I used on this welt. It doesn't dry immediately, so I stick common pins in it a few inches apart to hold the welt while it dries.

sujafr - I KNOW that you could update those chairs! I also added some batting to plump up the seat, which was pretty flat.

Mel, there are a LOT of people here who do creative things, and wouldn't it be nice to return HGTV to the Kitty Bartholomew days???

Lazyd, I do get some great deals, but I lose a lot, too, by being so 'thrifty'. I am getting 4 Century Furniture chairs made in Hickory, NC tomorrow for $50 total. Three like this and one with arms. I felt they were quality when I saw how the seat was done, and also the Asian fabric.
I asked the seller if there were any identifying marks on them, and she took a pic of the label. Then I was thrilled to read about the quality in this article -

Here is a link that might be useful: Upholstery Glue Sticks 12 / 10''

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Love the chair transformation. You have such a good eye and imagination!

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Another amazing re-do. I think tea is right that a pair of these would be better than just the one. I think the slightly covered letters also makes it look "real" for want of a better word. Too perfect is not good :)

If beekeeperswife sees those last chairs you will have a sale for sure...I think she was looking for something like that for her DR. c

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Thank you for all the information!

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Are you the lady from Virginia that got away with beekeeperswife's chairs?

Every time I see your chairs, I want to try one myself.

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Hee, hee, NO, I didn't take Beekeeperswife's chairs, but I did show a link to some on eBay that were nice when she lost them. I'm in Maine.

Link below is what I put in her chair post. He has a total of 7; is selling them in sets of 2 for $199 and has a Best Offer option.

If you tried re-doing a chair, and liked your results, you'd be hooked!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hollywood Regency Faux bamboo chair Pair Mid Century oriental chippendale

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That is beyond gorgeous!

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I was telling my DH last night about your talented chair re-do's, including this most recent one. As always, so impressive, and very charming!

I vote for two matching chairs, too! :)

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Cat mom, I think you, trailrunner and teacats are right. I should do a pair. I have several more chairs to experiment with later, but I liked tea's description of a table in between them. And loved trail's comment about the slightly covered letters being 'more real'. :-)

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These are so unique and pretty! Question---how did you attach the burlap to the caning? I was thinking of applying fabric to my dining room chairs which have caning in need of repair in parts, but was afraid of messing up and ruining the chairs. Thanks for any info!

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Ahhhhh!!!!! The Hickory Chairs!!!!! Why is my CL so lame?

I love what you did with your chairs with the RL fabric. You inspire me! I have 3 chairs that are in need of my attention sitting in the garage. I'm waiting for a nice day to get out there and rip them apart and start! We had a stretch of good weather but I spent every single moment of it preparing for the World's Best Garage Sale. (Wow, did we do well, even sold a car!). And I'm not buying the elephant desk with the profits, if anyone cares....I managed to get a desk from PB Outlet that is metal and glass and looks great for quite a bit less money!

Anyway, the more I see of your work, the more motivated I become. I simply cannot wait to transform my ugly ducks into swans!

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Joanie, if your chairs are like this one, you have the caning attached to the wooden frame, and behind my cane, there was about a 1/2" of wood that I could staple to.

It doesn't show in the before pic, but you can see the narrow strip of about 1/8" wide trim over the cane where it meets the frame. I would run my finger along that trim strip, and lift of the burlap slightly to make sure I was stapling just inside that trim strip. I cut the burlap sack a bit larger than the cane all the way around first, slid a piece of tan linen inside it, and then stapled just the top on so it held the burlap in place. It was great to have that 'guideline' of the cane trim.

Bee - CONGRATS on that yard sale - wow! I got that RL ticking at Joann Fabric last year on clearance and have waited for a project for it. Love the way it went with the burlap.
I have more ideas and chairs than I have time to play with them, and I know yours will be spectacular. Darn this having to work for a living, but at least it's from home.

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Glue sticks specially for upholstrey ?
Who knew~
Great job.
Thx My3dogs

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Gosh you're good!

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Nice looking!!! And a pair is even better. You have a wonderful style. I didn't realize you could glue welting. Cool! I always staple it on. Are you going to sell them? Great way to use your creative side and make a bit of extra income.

I love to reupholster too. I bought two wing chairs from Habitat Restore for $15 each and recovered them in a bold graphic twill. They are the most comfortable chairs I have ever had and make quite the style statement. I never thought that I would like wing chairs. Next is the sofa. I love its lines but the upholstery needs to be replaced. I love it when a plan comes together

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Powermuffin - PLEASE show us your chairs that you re-did? I'd love to see others re-upholstery work! I think there are quite a few of us here who have tried it.

It lets us find very well made chairs, and re-do them in our taste, which costs much less than buying new, which may be of lower quality.

I'm happy to say that two of my chairs have sold at the Mustard House here in Maine, and the Eastlake one that I called the throne went for $350. The small child-size Eastlake one that I did in ivory paint, with cream free fabric with birds, and a check on the back went for $125. I paid $25 for each of them, and very little for the fabrics that I usually get as remnants on eBay. I am thrilled, as the store has just re-opened for the spring. Let's hope that more sell, as it's a hobby that is really enjoyable.

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Amazing as usual, but I think what amazes me the most is your swift turnaround! I've bought things to re-do, and they've sat for months, maybe a couple for years! How is it you can stay so motivated and focused? PLEASE tell me your secret! Will you sell these? I love the cane backs.

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Thank you for posting another one of your amazing transformations! More than that though, thank you for always being so helpful for those of us who would like to give it a go sometime!

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Patty, I have to laugh! If my cellar wasn't so piled with chairs that II have found great buys on, I'd take a picture! There is NO secret, and this one was just a relative quickie as it needed no repairs, and I didn't have to strip and re-do the finish. I did my first chair a year ago, and have gone nutty having so much fun with them since.

I snuck this one in between the leopard and the grain sack one, but I only have the after pics of the $5.00 chair on this laptop. I call it the 'manly' chair. The back and welt is done in faux leather from Barn Fabric that I paid $3.99 a yard for on their last sale. It sells on another site at 3 yards for $135.00!!!

Foxes, with your hubby, you have a perfect partner to find one and make it totally YOU. I used AS chalk paint on this one, but did make my own for the leopard one, so that brings my costs way down. With the sample pots from HD or Lowes, and INCREDIBLE buys on fabrics from eBay, I just can't help myself.

I'm a newbie 'upholsterer, but I love to help anyone who wants to try this, as it's the perfect way to get a custom piece for very little.

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My3dogs, please email me through gardenweb. If you do a pair of those I would love to buy them for my daughter, whose color scheme is all khaki, red, ticking ,distressed, etc....exactly like that chair!

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How incredibly exciting! I did just email you! Thank-you!

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How incredibly exciting! I did just email you! Thank-you!

Shoot - I don't know how this posted twice - sorry!

This post was edited by my3dogs on Thu, May 9, 13 at 14:03

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You're on! Come September I've cut my hours for work big time to focus on 'me' & my dreams and passions. This translates to furniture painting/ upholstery in my own personal spinoff business.

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Mailed you back with address for fabric sample, my3dogs. Can't wait to get it and take up to DD--- I think it will work!

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Haven't seen the email come it yet, But I'm clipping a fabric sample right now! They call it ticking, but to me it's a very soft twill with ticking design. Thanks SO much!

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