Anyone seen Nexxus Savi Note LEDs?

barbjaSeptember 3, 2011

Does anyone here have the Nexxus Savi Note LED light system? If so, can you comment on it? Anyone have a photo?

I'm in the process of interviewing PBs and most have offered 'upgrades' to intellibrites. My most recent interviewee includes the Nexxus Savi Notes in his basic bid.

I.know exactly what to expect from an intellibrite, but not so much from the savi note. Nexxus' brochure certainly wasn't designed to assuage the fears of someone wanting to light up their expensive hole in the ground.

Can anyone help?

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Hi Barbja,

Since noone else posted... maybe I can help. We have a San Juan fiberglass Stardust model (16' x 38'), and while we don't have Savi Note Led's, we have two of the Savi MELODY Led's, and they honestly flood the pool with color... I was amazed. They also fit into a standard 1 1/2" return fitting, making them (so we're told) less susceptible to leaks. Just don't expect much of the "red" color to fill the pool as they change color. The magenta color doesn't have much of a "reach". Pool is beautiful at night slowly changing colors... even to watch from the deck...

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Our Pool builder installed these in our build. After a year of fighting they drained the pool and replaced with intelabrights. The Savi's are very dim, and we could not conrol from our jandy PDA as promised. The fact they can go into a standard return was nice, but thats where usefulness ended.

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I went upstairs to snap a couple photos from our bedroom window. (Sorry about the windows screen in the way...) I've attached a pic of our pool during the day, then attached a few of the SAVI led pix. This is two SAVIs in a 38' x 16' fiberglass pool. I'm able to control my SAVIs with my Jandy P4 PDA set up by my pool builder. I'm able to access through the menu options... but I set up the #2 smart button to control the pool lights... much easier that way. Hope this helps!

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Have you considered the Fiberstar PAL TREO? The main advantage? These lights have a bulb that can be replaced where the Savi does not, you need to replace the entire fixture there. Same installation in a standard wall fitting.

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